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Raphy & Sara Feolino are founders of Journey to Marriage, an organization that empowers couples to create holy and healthy relationships before marriage. They believe that if it takes a priest nearly a decade to prepare for their vocation, that a pre-cana online course or weekend retreat isn’t nearly enough to prepare couples for a lifelong marriage. They are certified relationship coaches, accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) & certified wedding planners from the internationally recognized Lovegevity’s Wedding Planning Institute (LWPI). They are hosts of the podcast, Journey to Marriage - For Catholic Brides & Grooms, which generates thousands of monthly downloads worldwide, sharing practical spiritual, relationship, & wedding advice for all Catholic couples. Raphy & Sara are the hosts of the Catholic Engaged Summit, a FREE virtual event featuring over 60+ married Catholic speakers sharing their marriage insights & expertise to couples around the world. They live in Las Vegas, Nevada and are huge foodies, enjoy singing, dancing, and loving on their newborn daughter. Visit their website at www.journeytomarriage.com.

Catholic Engaged Retreat Summit

FREE Event For Catholic Engaged Couples Desiring A Holy & Thriving Marriage!

What are the secrets of creating a marriage that doesn’t just survive… but THRIVES? Have you ever asked yourself this…

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