FREE Event For Catholic Engaged Couples Desiring A Holy & Thriving Marriage!

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What are the secrets of creating a marriage that doesn’t just survive… but THRIVES?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? I know we did, especially throughout our courtship and engagement as we were discerning marriage together. 

We’ve experienced our fair share of toxic relationships in the past, as well as being raised by divorced parents. We knew that what we’ve experienced in our past is not what we desired to create our future marriage. So we had to learn everything we could about creating a holy marriage.

This led us on a journey of spiritual, personal, & relationship growth, as we grew in our Catholic faith together, as well as learning from relationship experts and holy couples that modeled the marriages we desired to create one day. And because of being intentional about all of this before marriage, it has completely transformed the way we now live out our marriage vocation.

We wanted to ask you this question…

Would you also like to learn the secrets of holy couples that have created thriving marriages that you also desire?

We are Raphy & Sara Feolino, founders of Journey to Marriage. Our mission is to empower couples to create holy and healthy relationships before marriage through relationship coaching. 

We are hosting the Catholic Engaged Summit, which is a FREE 3-day event from October 28-30th, 2020. We interviewed 60+ married Catholics that have created strong & holy marriages that inspired us…

People who specialize and speak on different topics, such as:

  • Natural Family Planning (Creighton, Marquette, Billings, NeoFertility, Sympto-Thermal)
  • Chastity
  • Developing A Strong Prayer Life
  • Financial Management
  • Healthy Communication & Conflict Resolution
  • Military Life & Marriage
  • Catholic Parenting
  • Understanding Husband and Wife Roles
  • And much more…

We wanted to personally invite YOU to join us at our FREE event!

Why did we create this event?

Two reasons actually…

The first reason is that we believe pre-cana isn’t nearly enough to prepare couples for a lifelong marriage. Don’t get me wrong; pre-cana is 100% necessary as it gives a great foundation to help you live out your sacramental marriage. 

However, just as it takes about a decade for a seminarian to prepare for the priesthood, a weekend retreat or an online course isn’t nearly enough to equip you with the skills and tools you need to help you create a thriving & lifelong marriage. We wanted to create our ministry & this FREE event to help you go deeper into these very important topics and develop mastery in your relationship.

The second reason is because there are many couples who have experienced the difficult decision to postpone their marriage plans due to the pandemic. Many in-person pre-cana retreats have been cancelled as well. We wanted to create this FREE virtual event so you can continue to enrich your relationship before marriage, at the comfort of your homes!

Who are some of the speakers that you can learn from?

Here are just a few of the speakers that decided to share their secrets for FREE to you:

Who is this summit for?

The Catholic Engaged Summit is designed for engaged Catholic couples who are seriously discerning marriage.

However, this summit is open to ALL who are wanting to grow in their faith and learn from inspiring and holy couples on how they’ve created strong marriages. 

Whether you’re single, dating, newlywed, etc. you’re more than welcome to join us!

I love what I’m seeing here… how can I join?!

You can join us for FREE by registering here: Catholic Engaged Summit

When you register, you will also have the opportunity to enter an exclusive community of intentional Catholic couples from around the WORLD who are also on their journey to marriage!

To learn more about Journey To Marriage, go to and subscribe to our podcast.

We’re looking forward to connecting with you and joining our community! 

Check out our Facebook and Instagram Live on Tuesday October 20th, 2020 with Drew and Katie Taylor Catholic Link Youtube Creators! We will be discussing the Summit and their talk on Setting Goals in Marriage and the tools you need to avoid nagging in Marriage!

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