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Child proves God Exists catholic
Faith & Science

This 11-Year-Old Thinks He Can Prove Hawking’s Theory Wrong…And Much Of The Internet Agrees

Does God exist? It’s a question every person should ask themselves. Many scientists and theologians seek to provide the answers…

Hopsin rage wrestling with God

A Catholic’s Response To Rapper Hopsin’s Viral Rejection Of Christianity

One of the most “thumbed-up” comments for this video reads: “18k priests disliked this video.” Given the cursing, vulgarity, and…

If God Exists, Why Is There Suffering? A Look At The Question From A Catholic Perspective

If God Exists, Why Is There Suffering? A Look At The Question From A Catholic Perspective

This video gives a fairly clear answer to an age-old question: if God exists and he is all good and…

Jesus Christ

Interview with Bono: “Jesus was either the Son of God or nuts!”

Before beginning, I would like to reaffirm what I said in the introduction of my post about the conversion of…

Ben Stein Atheist Richard Dawkins

Ben Stein Debates with Atheist Richard Dawkins: Freedom from God Means Freedom for Man?

We owe a certain debt to Dawkins which I suspect has until now gone unrecognized. Dawkins, one of the world’s…

God doesn't exist

How Will This Man Respond When His Dentist Tells Him God Doesn’t Exist?

This short video comes from Vision Fudge, an organization which makes films in order to help people explore life’s big questions….


God is Dead? Fr. Pontifex Crushes the Claims of “New Atheism” with Spoken Word

Today’s video responds in a refreshing and appealing way to some of the most common and constant accusations against the…


Is There Life After Birth? An Interesting Dialogue Between 1 Unborn Babies

This short video shows a brief conversation between two unborn babies, one a skeptic and one a believer. Are you…

Only Wonder Can Comprehend God’s Power

Only wonder can comprehend his incomprehensible power.

Why Do We Struggle To See God? How Can We Open Our Eyes?

Seeds in a pomegranate cannot see objects outside its rind, because they are inside. Similarly human beings who are enclosed…

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