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11 Signs Your Community is Sick with Sectarianism

I know, I know, the title is not encouraging, but let me explain to you why I think it correctly…

what to do when you sin Catholic

The 5 Necessary Spiritual Steps You Need to Take After You Sin

This is a matter we seldom talk about with clarity, I don’t know exactly why. My impression is that we…

5 "gods" We Typically Mistake God For

5 “gods” We Typically Mistake God For

Let’s get right to the point. The Christian life is a process and a journey to love and get to…


25 Secular Songs That Are Surprisingly Sacred

It is extremely Catholic to know how to redeem, enjoy, recognize, and utilize the good things which come from beyond…


Why couldn’t Christ forgive our sins with a smile? (Warning: Disturbing Images)

I want to start off by saying that this is not an easy question.  A lot has been written about…


The Young Messiah (2016): The film that accepts the challenge of depicting Jesus’ childhood.

  The Young Messiah is a film that tells the story of the child Jesus on his return from Egypt…

catholic movie review of the intern

6 Reasons Why You Should See “The Intern” and Use It In Your Apostolate

“The Intern” begins when a successful startup company dedicated to fashion and online retail sales decides to start a program…

Value of Human Life

Brother Terrorist, Tell Me What You Felt!

Brother Terrorist: Tell me, what did you feel? When you looked into the terrorized eyes of your brother and you…

Faith & Life

6 Temptations Most Christians Will Eventually Struggle With

If it is not already clear to everyone: the devil exists, and he is not fond of human beings. Furthermore,…

Pope Francis

Fake Interview with Pope Francis Reveals What the Synod on the Family IS and IS NOT

Now that the Synod on the Family has officially begun, we would like to offer you this “interview” with Pope Francis…

Pope Francis

“I’m not Catholic, but…” 24 Quotes from Non-Catholics About Pope Francis’ Visit to the U.S.

The response of the people of the United States to Pope Francis’ visit seems to be overwhelmingly positive.  A few…

Faith & Life

11 Tips to Regaining Peace After Having Sinned

A few days ago I finished reading “Inner peace” by Jacques Philippe.  It is a brief spiritual book written in…

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