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Witness: 7 Reasons to Keep Speaking About Your Catholic Faith When People Don’t Seem to Care

Here’s a battle I sometimes fight with myself: vacillating between exuberant repetitiveness about my faith, my conversion, how amazing God…

5 Common Mistakes Catholics Make in Defending the Faith

The 5 Things Catholics Need to Stop Doing When Talking About Faith

In today’s video, Dr. Taylor Marshall goes over “5 Common Mistakes Catholics Make in Defending Catholicism”.   People are quick to point…

"the mission"

What does the Movie “The Mission” Teach Us About Evangelizing?

Evangelists? Aren’t those judgmental people who yell that you’re always sinning? Or that uber-Christian kid from high school that says…

Christmas Mall Flash Mob - So Beautiful! Singing in the Mall

Christmas Mall Flash Mob – So Beautiful!

The people in this food court are quietly enjoying their lunch when it is rudely interrupted by a shout of…

Is there evidence to prove you are Catholic?
Catholic Church

If You Were Convicted of Being Catholic, Would There Be Any Evidence?

This video expresses an all too overlooked truth, that just because someone claims to be Catholic it does not mean…

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