The 5 Things Catholics Need to Stop Doing When Talking About Faith

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People are quick to point out the “flaws” of the Catholic Church, and at times it can feel like we always need to defend our faith to a culture that doesn’t fully understand it.  Of course, we will make mistakes, but these practical tips will help you stay focused on what really matters.

Although you don’t need to know all the answers, it is important to study the faith and be able to articulate some of our basic beliefs.  Catholic Link strives to offer you the best resources to grow in your spiritual life. Feel free to print, share, and distribute our resources to help explain the Catholic faith to others.

5 Things Catholics Need to Stop Doing When Talking About Faith

  1. Not listening to the person they are talking to… You’ve got to hear people to find out where they are at in terms of their relationship with Jesus and the things they struggle with in life.
  2. Being argumentative…No one has ever come to the faith because of an argument! Stay strong in your convictions, but speak with love and share your personal stories of God’s love for you.
  3. Feeling like they have to answer every question…You don’t need to have all the answers! It’s ok to say, “I’ll find that out for you.”
  4. Using Catholic jargon…avoid using terms only Catholics will understand. Find a different way to say it or explain what you mean.
  5. Underestimating the Holy Spirit…your job is to present the faith, then sit back and let the Holy Spirit move. Taking the time to pray for the person you are evangelizing is essential to the mission!

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