The people in this food court are quietly enjoying their lunch when it is rudely interrupted by a shout of “Alleluia!” In the faces of the people, we see suspicion. But gradually they change, hostility vanishes, parents reassure their children, and instead, we see curiosity, wonder, and even peace and happiness. Maybe a few are thinking, how can I be part of this?

Of course, on one level these attitudes are directed at people singing in a public place, but there is an obvious parallel with what happens when we announce the Gospel.

It takes one brave person to start but, as others join in, the “wall of sound” which is produced cannot be ignored. It is not about a “crazy”, lone voice but rather a chorus of great joy.

As Pope Benedict reminded us, “our collaboration is required in this permanent coming of the Lord in the proclamation of the Gospel.” As we are bombarded with instructions to shop, shop, shop, isn’t it time we made the real message of Advent heard? Handel wrote the Messiah, including the Hallelujah Chorus, heard in this video, in just 24 days. If one man can compose two hours of such music in that time, just think what we could do: Join the Avalanche!

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