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Catholic Small Group Resources Discipleship Bible Study

Catholic Resources For Discipleship And Small Groups

Discipleship is key to evangelization. As Fr. George puts it, “Mass is where the meat is” and oftentimes this is…

church ministry

The Video Every Person Involved In Catholic Church Ministry Should Watch

This is an excellent video produced by the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City that helps to explain the process of evangelization…

young adults i.d.9:16 Is Exactly What Most Young Adults Are Searching For

i.d.9:16 Is Exactly What Most Young Adults Are Searching For

Today’s world can be difficult for Catholic young adults. Many times you look around at Mass and think, “Where are…


5 Awesome Videos That Will Transform Your Life As A Disciple

It’s the season of Easter. We’ve made it through Lent and now Christ is Risen (Alleluia!). If you’re anything like…


5 Mistakes We Make When Evangelizing

It is never easy to share our faith with others, but it is the call that Jesus gave every Christian…

Is there evidence to prove you are Catholic?
Catholic Church

If You Were Convicted of Being Catholic, Would There Be Any Evidence?

This video expresses an all too overlooked truth, that just because someone claims to be Catholic it does not mean…

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