Depending on where you live, it’s most likely that school’s out for the summer, or nearly is. Or perhaps, the students and teachers in your life are still embroiled in exam preparation and stress! Either way, this time of year reminds us of the importance of teachers in our lives, the role they play in supporting us, laying the foundations of knowledge for the rest of our lives and inspiring us for our futures. We know the enormous commitment that many teachers give to their students.

However, there are some people who do not have this positive view of teachers. There are people who criticize teachers for the “short” hours they work, the “long” vacations they get, and the “easy” job of simply “supervising” children. These people don’t know, or don’t care to know the long hours behind the scenes, the late night and early mornings, the jumping-through-hoops and preparation that goes on to give the students the best education possible.

In this video below, a professor shares his uncomfortable experience at a dinner party, where a CEO questioned him on how much he earned, and reminded the entire table that: “those who can, do, and those who can’t, teach!” How rude and awkward for everyone at the dinner party!

However, the professor rose to the occasion. You have to check out his beautiful response to the CEO in the video. The professor not only taught him a lesson that day, but also reminds us of the remarkable worth that it is to have a job that might not make big bucks, but makes a big difference instead. 

Professor School CEO At A Dinner Party

Our beloved professor attends a dinner party and is challenged by a CEO asking him how much he makes? This short powerful video teaches us it's not what we have in our bank accounts, but rather, what we contribute to others. #makeadifference Story Credit: Taylor Mali – "What Teachers Make"This video is dedicated to the teachers who truly care; the ones that make a real impact every single day. Director/Producer – Meir KayDP/Editor – Joris RollerSteadyCo – Producer – Elliot Ezra FuchsProfessor – Kim Emerson Like Meir Kay On FacebookAdd Me On Instagram: @MeirKay

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Lets take this opportunity today to thank a teacher for their hark work, and to say a prayer for them today! 

“Dear God,

Grant our teachers an abundance of Your wisdom. Prepare their hearts to welcome and love our loved ones, and may we make sure to show them love and respect in return. Give them grace as they help students who aren’t thriving, courage to say what needs to be said, tools and knowledge on how and when to speak love, and strength when they feel weak. When they feel unseen, remind them that no moment goes unnoticed. They are shaping the future in one million small – yet incredibly important – ways every day. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the gift of learning they share with our children. Bless them, Lord, and may they see even just a glimpse of how their faithfulness will forever impact generations to come.


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