Sr. Mary Jo Throws A Curve Ball That Stuns The Internet

by Consecrated Life, Funny

Sr. Mary Jo Sobieck is the latest nun making sports news on the internet. Her “perfect pitch” has caught the attention of every major news outlet, is fascinating viewers on social media, and was even featured on ESPN’s sports highlights.

Check it out what the Chicago White Sox called “One of the most impressive first pitches of all time.”


Sr. Mary Jo is a Dominican nun who is a beloved teacher and volleyball coach at Marian Catholic in Chicago Heights. As much as we love her pitching ability, we love her teaching philosophy even more. In an interview with she said, “My overall goal is to help students understand, to get past the facts and remember and understand what they learned. To be a person of compassion, generosity, and hospitality.” Sr. Mary Jo is also involved with Encounter and a mission-based service group called Go Extreme for Jesus at the high school.

I love it when these type of stories go viral. It’s a reminder to the world that those who have heard the call to a religious vocation are asked to use their unique talents and gifts to lead others to God. All Catholics are called to do the same, no matter what our vocation is! How do you show others the authentic joy of Christ through your gifts? The Church needs you too.

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