If You Are Going To Surrender, Surrender At The Feet Of The Lord

If You Are Going To Surrender, Surrender At The Feet Of The Lord


If You Are Going To Surrender, Surrender At The Feet Of The Lord

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What if both of my options are good choices? How will I know what God wants me to do? When none of our options are objectively bad, how do

How Do I Know What God’s Will Is When Both Choices Are Good Things?

Every day, we face numerous choices, many of eternal consequences.  When our hearts and minds are ordered toward God, these choices are usually between two goods.  We could read to our children, or pray the rosary.   We could spend Saturday afternoon serving at the soup kitchen, or go to confession.   We could go […]

He who trusts in himself is lost. He who trusts in God can do all things." –ST. ALPHONSUS LIGUORI

When You Have An Evil Thought, Do This! | St. Alphonsus Liguori

“When an evil thought is presented to the mind, we must immediately endeavor to turn our thoughts to God, or to something which is indifferent. But the first rule is, instantly to invoke the names of Jesus and Mary and to continue to invoke them until the temptation ceases. He who trusts in himself is […]

When I could not see my way, God kept my hear full of trust in Him to make all come right. - ST. MARY MACKILLOP

When I Could Not See My Way | St. Mary Mackillop

When I could not see my way, God kept my heart full of trust in Him to make all come right. – St. Mary MacKillop Photo by nine koepfer on Unsplash Related content: Infographic: 5 Simple Ways To Practice Silence 4 Lessons I Learned In Seminary That Help Me In Marriage The Secret To Happiness […]

catholic fasting

Strengthen Your Will— Fast

Is there something wrong with your life? Maybe something is missing. Maybe you’re depressed. Maybe you’re overwhelmed. Maybe you’re trapped by compulsive behavior. Maybe there’s a particular sin you haven’t been able to overcome no matter how hard you’ve tried? Maybe you’re in a state of despair because you think nothing will ever change? Whatever […]

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In All Things, Be A Man Of Prayer | St. Bonaventure

“If you would suffer with patience the adversities and miseries of this life, be a man of prayer. If you would obtain courage and strength to conquer the temptations of the enemy, be a man of prayer. If you would mortify your own will with all its inclinations and appetites, be a man of prayer. […]

“I Am Not Afraid…”

“I am not afraid… I was born to do this.” St. Joan of Arc Related content: The Differences Between A Career And A Vocation C.S. Lewis On Resisting Temptation What Is Vanity? Pope Francis Answers The Poor are Always Prophetic, We Must Listen to Them Why We All Need St. Jude Right Now St. Clare, […]

The film, The Pale Blue Eye, opens with this line from the famous poet, Edgar Allan Poe

The Pale Blue Eye: A Light In The Darkness

The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?  – Edgar Allan Poe The film, The Pale Blue Eye, opens with this line from the famous poet, Edgar Allan Poe. It is a fictional story of Augustine Landor, a retired […]

"If you become Christ's you will stumble upon wonder upon wonder, and every one of them true." –St. Brendan Quote

The Wonders Of Becoming Christ’s | St. Brendan Quote

“If you become Christ’s you will stumble upon wonder upon wonder, and every one of them true.” –St. Brendan Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash Related content: Is It Better To Be A Child Or A King? | Saint Quote How Mary Is Like A Rainbow | St. Anthony Quote I Am Not My Own […]

How can Catholics keep their minds and bodies healthy in order to live as a temple of God? Here are 3 tips for maintaining your health

Top 3 Ways Catholics Can Start Improving Their Mental And Physical Health Today

Health and soundness are better than all gold, and a robust body than countless riches. Sirach 30:15 St. Paul made clear that our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 3:16 -1 7; 6:19 – 20), and St. Thomas elaborated in his great Summa Theologica that Christ’s command to love God with […]

The Best New Year’s Resolution

The Best New Year’s Resolution

 The Best New Year’s Resolution More Catholic Resources For The New Year Related content: The Best Spiritual Diet For The New Year Pray The “Veni, Creator Spiritus” On January 1 (New Year’s Day) For A Plenary Indulgence Pray The “Te Deum” On New Year’s Eve For A Plenary Indulgence Recite “Veni, Creator Spiritus” On Pentecost […]

St. Zelie Martin best quotes

Want To Become A Saint? Better Late Than Never

I want to become a saint; it will not be easy at all. I have a lot of wood to chop, and it is as hard as stone. I should have started sooner, while it was not so difficult; but, in any case; ‘better late than never.’ – St. Zelie Martin Photo by Abby Savage […]

I Found My Life When I Laid It Down Quote Prayer

I Found My Life When I Laid It Down

I Found My Life When I Laid It Down Share this image on your social media or Download” to print and share. We only ask you to share it in its original version, without editing it. Happy evangelization!  More Resources On Prayer Related content: He Laid Down On This Tree, So He Could Rise From […]

Gospel reflection ST. Padre Pio Quote

“You Say You Are Anxious About The Future…”

“You say you are anxious about the future, but don’t you know that the Lord is with you always and that our enemy has no power over one who has resolved to belong entirely to Jesus?” – St. Padre Pio Related content: St. Padre Pio Prayer To Say After Receiving Communion “The Rosary Is THE […]

St. John Chrysostom quotes happiness greed

The Secret To Happiness | St. John Chrysostom

“Happiness can only be achieved by looking inward and learning to enjoy whatever life has, and this requires transforming greed into gratitude.” –St. John Chrysostom Find more quotes from St. John Chrysostom HERE Related content: During Mass “Are You Not Lifted Up To Heaven?” | St. John Chrysostom Let The Mouth Fast From Foul Words […]

anxiety catholic pray

Managing Anxiety Through Prayer As Catholics

How do Catholics overcome anxiety and find mental health healing? Catherine DiNuzzo, a Catholic counselor, sits down with Drew and Katie Taylor to discuss mental wellness for Catholics. They discuss the power of praying the rosary and its ability to help manage anxiety and fall asleep. How To Manage Anxiety The Catholic Way – The […]

5 tips for Handling Criticism | Catholic-Link.org Infographic

5 Tips For Handling Criticism | Catholic-Link.org

 5 Tips For Handling Criticism Related content: 5 Tips To Keep Your Faith Alive | Catholic-Link.org Work Hard, Pray Hard | Catholic-Link.org 6 Ways To Pray At Work | Catholic-Link.org I’m Nothing Without God | Catholic-Link.org The Crown And The Cross Go Together | Catholic-Link.org When We Walk With God | Catholic-Link.org A Good Reason […]

Prayer Of St. Agatha, “Lord Jesus Christ, You Created Me”

Lord Jesus Christ, you created me, you watched over me from infancy,kept my body from defilement, preserved me from love of the world,made me able to withstand torture, and granted me the virtue of patiencein the midst of torments. – St. Agatha Related content: Grant Me, O Lord | St. Thomas Aquinas Prayer Every Flower […]

catholic anxiety prayers st. francis de sales

Did God Create My Anxiety? A Catholic Perspective

Did God create my anxiety and if yes, why? Catherine DiNuzzo author of The Catholic Guide Through Anxiety and founder of Sacred Heart Mental Wellness joins Drew and Katie Taylor to answer this question and more. As a Catholic Counselor, she provides integrated faith and science as we understand the gift of our bodies. Understanding […]

catholic mental health anxiety

Help Daily Anxiety With Proactive Mental Health Awareness

Catherine DiNuzzo of Sacred Heart Mental Wellness provides Catholic counseling and proactive mental health awareness resources to help overcome anxiety. As a Catholic Counselor, Catherine specializes in the Biology of Anxiety and how incorporating our faith and mental health can help avoid mental health crises. We are often willing to train our bodies, yet often […]

Be Patient With Yourself!

Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them – every day begin the task anew. – St. Francis De Sales Related content: 3 Questions To Examine Your Heart During Lent You’re Invited to the Party. How do […]

St. John Bosco Quote new year's resolutions Catholic

St. John Bosco’s Spiritual Goals For A New Year

St. John Bosco’s Spiritual Goals For A New Year 1. I will take no unnecessary walks. 2. I will make exactingly careful use of my time. 3. When the salvation of souls is at stake, I will be always ready to suffer, to act and to humble myself. 4. May the charity and gentleness of […]

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God’s Plan According To St. Edith Stein

Things were in God’s plan which I had not planned at all. I am coming to the living faith and conviction that – from God’s point of view – there is no chance and that the whole of my life, down to every detail, has been mapped out in God’s divine providence and makes complete […]

- Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Love to be real, must empty us of self. – Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Love to be real, must empty us of self. – Mother Teresa of Calcutta Related content: The Fruit Of Silence | St. Mother Teresa Of Calcutta God Didn’t Call Me To Be Successful | St. Mother Teresa Quote “Spread love everywhere you go…” | Mother Teresa Quote Mother Teresa’s Prayer For Times Of Distress “I […]

St. Frances Cabrini Quote Stretch every fiber

Stretch Every Fiber Of My Being | St. Frances Cabrini

Stretch every fiber of my being, dear Lord, that I may more easily fly towards you.  May your Spirit, which once breathed over the chaos of the earth, give life to all the powers of my soul. – St. Frances Cabrini *Amazon Affiliate links help the ministry of Catholic-Link at no additional cost to you! […]

“If I were a doctor and were asked for my advice, I would reply: Create silence!”

If I were a doctor and were asked for my advice, I would reply: Create silence! The Word of God cannot be heard in the noisy world of today. And even if it were blazoned forth with all the panoply of noise so that it could be heard in the midst of all the other […]

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