10 Saints Who Had A Deep Devotion To Mary

10 Saints Who Had A Deep Devotion To Mary

Gallery: 10 saints devoted to Mary

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Be Patient With Yourself!

Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them – every day begin the task anew.– St. Francis De Sales Related content: How Jesus Teaches Us To Be Patient and Courageous | Catholic Bible Study #OCCUPY VINEYARD? The […]

stress trials quote Thomas Kempis

It Is Good For Us To Have Trials | Thomas à Kempis

“It is good for us to have trials and troubles at times, for they often remind us that we are on probation and ought not to hope in any worldly thing. It is good for us sometimes to suffer contradiction, to be misjudged by men even though we do well and mean well. These things […]

St. John Henry Newman Quote Vocation

We Are Not Called Only Once St. John Henry Newman

”For in truth we are not called once only, but many times; all through our life Christ is calling us. He called us first in Baptism; but afterwards also; whether we obey His voice or not, He graciously calls us still. If we fall from our Baptism, He calls us to repent; if we are […]

Saint Mother Teresa Quotes and prayers

What Happens When We Turn Our Backs On The Poor | Mother Teresa Quote

”The poor are thirsty for water but also for peace, truth and justice. The poor are naked and need clothing, but also need human dignity and compassion for those who sin. The poor have no shelter and need shelters made of bricks, but also of a joyful heart, compassionate and full of love. They are […]

The Confession Saint Augustine

Saint Augustine’s “Confessions” | 11 Essential Quotes On The Christian Life

The Confessions is the book through which I encountered a great saint. It is the book I recommend the most when it comes to conversion and the spiritual fight. In addition to being a beautiful dialogue between Saint Augustine and God, this autobiography shows that the saints were also sinners just like you and me. […]

saints and friends

The Saint’s Name Generator – Find Your Patron Saint For 2022!

Perhaps, like me, you have already made and broken several New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe you haven’t made any, or maybe you are doing great with all your plans. But, have you thought of choosing a patron saint for the year? I know people who spend hours chopping lists of saints into bags, boxes or baskets […]

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St. Gabriel's 41 Resolutions

41 Resolutions From St. Gabriel Of Our Lady Of Sorrows

How are your New Year’s resolutions holding up?! If you haven’t been able to stick to your own goals or you just need some inspiration to try something different, take a look at this incredible list written by St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrow. If you don’t think you can stick to all 41 […]

how Catholics respond to scandal abuse

You Probably Take For Granted This Gift From God

Health is God’s great gift, and we must spend it entirely for Him. Our eyes should see only for God, our feet walk only for Him, our hands labor for Him alone. – St. John Bosco Related content: The Gift of Marriage Is From God | Wisdom From JPII God’s Gift: How A Mother’s Love […]

St. John Bosco Quote new year's resolutions Catholic

St. John Bosco’s Spiritual Goals For A New Year

St. John Bosco’s Spiritual Goals For A New Year 1. I will take no unnecessary walks. 2. I will make exactingly careful use of my time. 3. When the salvation of souls is at stake, I will be always ready to suffer, to act and to humble myself. 4. May the charity and gentleness of […]

You See My Heart And You Know My Desires | St. Agatha Find more Catholic saint quotes, Catholic articles and videos on Catholic-Link.org

You See My Heart And You Know My Desires | St. Agatha

Jesus Christ, Lord of all things! You see my heart, you know my desires. Possess all that I am, You alone. – St. Agatha Related content: Prayer Of St. Agatha, “Lord Jesus Christ, You Created Me” The 7 Desires of Our Hearts That The 7 Sacraments Respond To How Our Desires For Perfection Keep Us […]

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Pope’s Intentions For 2022

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What Is Internal Peace?

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