Set The World Ablaze With God’s Love

Set the World Ablaze With God’s Love

Set the world ablaze with God’s love

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image of God St. Edith Stein quote

How To Be An Image Of God | St. Edith Stein

“In order to be an image of God, the spirit must turn to what is eternal, hold it in spirit, keep it in memory, and by loving it, embrace it in the will.”–St. Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein) Photo by Anita Jankovic on Unsplash *Amazon Affiliate links help the ministry of Catholic-Link at no […]

The Charity Of God Is Poured Into Our Hearts By The Holy Spirit

The charity of God is poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit who is given to us (Rom. 5:5). He who has a share of daylight has that light from the sun; in the same way he who has charity has it from the Holy Spirit. Related content: Come, Holy Spirit | Prayer The […]

St. Frances Cabrini offers much wisdom to Catholics today. Read quotes and find out more about this incredible Saint!

Communicate The Love Of Jesus | St. Frances Cabrini

“I will go anywhere and do anything in order to communicate the love of Jesus to those who do not know Him or have forgotten Him.”- St. Frances Cabrini – St. Frances Cabrini Related content: What Does The Salvation Of Man Depend On? | St. Frances Cabrini Stretch Every Fiber Of My Being | St. […]

“Make my soul Your cherished dwelling place…”

“Make my soul Your cherished dwelling place, Your home of rest.  Let me never leave You there alone, but keep me there all absorbed in You, in living faith, adoring You.” Related content: Lord, My Soul Is In Love With Your Beauty Inner Beauty Of Grace Wins The Soul When You’re Dwelling On Your Weaknesses […]

Advent Catholic Traditions

Mother Teresa’s Secret To Doing Advent Well

Mark the season of Advent by loving and serving others with God’s own love and concern. – Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta Related content: Advent Advice From Mother Teresa St. John Paul II’s Prayer To The Mother Of Advent My Secret Weapon | Mother Teresa The Fruit Of Silence | St. Mother Teresa Of Calcutta […]

How Should Christians Respond To The Question Of Evil?

This is consequently what must be our strength when faced with the question of evil: not a philosophical response, but the confidence of a child in God, in His Love and in His Wisdom. The certitude that Now we know that God works in every way for the good of those who love Him and […]

A few of Saint Augustine's Best Quotes include “You have made us for Yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in You.”

“You have made us for yourself, O Lord…” | St. Augustine

  More St. Augustine Resources Too Late Did I Love You! (St. Augustine) 7 Benefits Of Fasting According To St. Augustine Saint Augustine’s “Confessions” | 11 Essential Quotes on Our Christian Life Related content: God Thirsts That We May Thirst For Him | St. Augustine 7 Benefits Of Fasting According To St. Augustine We Ourselves […]

Yesterday I Was Crucified With Him, Today I Am…

Yesterday I was crucified with Him; today I am glorified with Him; yesterday I died with Him; today I am quickened with Him; yesterday I was buried with Him; today I rise with Him. But let us offer to Him Who suffered and rose again for us— you will think perhaps that I am going […]

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