The Reason Why We Lack Hunger For God


The Reason Why We Lack Hunger For God
The Reason Why We Lack Hunger For God Fr. Juan Catholic Quote


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depression Audition Sinner

Her Audition Shows How Music Helps Overcome Depression

Anna Clendening is a 20 year-old American girl who suffers from clinical depression and anxiety. For a long time, her difficult situation kept her indoors, feeding fears that kept her away from social interaction. With the help of her parents, she discovered music, and has found it an invaluable tool to cope with her anxiety […]

how to married catholic marriage tips

Kathryn’s Story: Unresolved Hurts, A Failed Marriage, And God’s Surprising Gift

Kathryn’s story of love and redemption is beautifully told in this video put out by Crossroads Church of Cincinnati, Ohio. Kathryn’s testimony reveals a painful past that is all too familiar to so many. She allows us to see how she carried those unresolved hurts into her relationships and ultimately her marriage. Admitting to not […]

fallen moon animation about motherhood choice catholic

“Falling Moon”: A Beautiful Short Animation about the Decision to Be a Mother

Torn. The feeling of contradiction within yourself. This video shows the possibilities between two different choices that this mother can make. A young single mother struggling between abandoning her baby child or not is faced with an intensely difficult decision.  As she is totally lost in hesitation, the moon falls on her. The healing of […]

7 Quotes That Show Humor Is Essential To Our Catholic Faith

7 Quotes That Show Humor Is Essential To Our Faith

I love this quote below from Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. It actually alludes to humor and faith together, which is a little unusual. But more than that, it places humor correctly where it belongs in our faith. We often think of humor at odds with such a thing as faith- because humor is often crude, […]

5 Things to Know About Consecrated Virgins

5 Things to Know About Consecrated Virgins

In the history of Catholic-Link, we’ve never recommended that you read an article from Cosmopolitan, but that changes today! On September 12th, published an article titled, “I Am Happily Married to God — as a Consecrated Virgin” and we highly encourage you to read it, as well as share it with your apostolate. It is […]

discern The 9 Bible Verses That Will Help You Discern God's Will for Your Life

The 9 Bible Verses That Will Help You Discern God’s Will For Your Life

The new year is only a few hours away and with it comes the setting of goals and resolution lists.  Whether it’s switching jobs, choosing what colleges you want to apply to, deciding if you’re ready to have another baby, or going back to school (among other things) the decision-making process can be daunting. To […]

5 Patron Saints For Students

5 Patron Saints Every Student Needs To Know About!

Ever need help with your studies? For many students, there are times when motivation is hard and studying is full of stress. The Church has recognized certain people as saints, stating with confidence that they are in Heaven and able to intercede on our behalf before God. And there are many saints who are perfect […]

Gospel reflection

Save Yourself? When Losing is the Only Way to Win |Catholic Bible Study

One of the best ways to enrich your prayer life is to pray with Scripture. A great way of doing this is using the technique of Lectio Divina, a powerful method which we explain here. The following is the Sunday Gospel reading with a reflection that is especially aimed at youth. This week, Fr. Piccolo […]


Infographic: 5 Simple Ways To Practice Silence

This post is not an article, but a part of our gallery of images. You can share this image in your social media or you can click the “Download” button and send it to your friends. We only ask you to share it in its original version, without editing it. Happy evangelization! ? Related content: […]

Having Trouble With Your Lenten Fast? Advice From A Saint

…What can you do to strengthen your resolutions and make them succeed? There is no better means than to put them into practice. But you say that you are still so weak that, although you often make strong resolutions not to fall into the particular imperfection of which you want to cure yourself, no sooner […]


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Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit

Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." - Matthew 5:3 The Gospels are the first four books of the New Testament: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. These books teach us facts about Jesus’ life and share valuable lessons we can learn...