Faith Is The Bridge Between God And You

Faith Is The Bridge Between God And You


Faith Is The Bridge Between God And You Catholic Quote

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holy communion quiz

QUIZ: How Much Do You Know About The Eucharist?

Are you smarter than a 2nd grader?  It is amazing the information that we forget over time. Take our quiz to see if you are still as sharp as the day you received First Holy Communion. We did add a few more challenging questions to keep you on your toes! Good luck! And for all […]

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What religion is Mark Wahlberg? Is he Catholic?

From Prison To Faith: The Conversion Of Mark Wahlberg

What religion is Mark Wahlberg? Is he Catholic? It sure sounds like he is! Hear his story of conversion in the video below. I must confess that writing posts on Hollywood conversions can be terrifying. We Catholics tend to get excited when an actor says something about the faith. Sometimes we are even quick to elevate […]

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What Is The Efficient Technology Driven Multitasker Of Today Really Accomplishing?

What Is The Efficient Technology Driven Multitasker Of Today Really Accomplishing?

he “Daily Grovo” offers an interesting video dealing with our fascination with multitasking and efficiency. It’s an exaggerated representation that draws our attention to some of the same thoughts and habits that we display in our daily use of technology. A Deeper Look Take a moment to imagine a young boy that comes upon a deep and empty well. […]

Catholic Faith and Science are Compatible

10 Quotes Of Nobel Winning Scientists That Think Faith And Science Are Compatible

The other day I had the opportunity to speak to a group of Italian youth. I asked how many of them believe in God. One responded saying, “I don’t believe in religion; rather, I believe in science.” I love this response because it is a typical, yet fertile starting point for speaking about the faith, […]

God doesn't exist

How Will This Man Respond When His Dentist Tells Him God Doesn’t Exist?

This short video comes from Vision Fudge, an organization which makes films in order to help people explore life’s big questions. Whether or not God exists is definitely one of those questions. In the video they ask three questions about belief in God: Does anyone believe in God? Why do people believe in God? If there […]

catholic goals more to life

Is There More To Life Than Your #Goals?

Life is never stagnant. It moves us, even without our consent. But where are you going? What are you looking for? This video brings these questions, deeply rooted in our hearts, again to the surface. This video reminded me of the countless times in my life where I felt like I had worked really hard […]

catholic annulments

Before Thinking of Getting a Divorce, Watch This Video. It Might Save Your Marriage.

There are two foundations that can never be separated: love and memory. Just as a true disciple never forgets the first hour when the master touched his heart: “It was about four o’clock in the afternoon” (Jn 1:39) – and, as Pope Francis says, a believer is essentially “one who remembers“– so the same could be said for love […]

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Proud to be Catholic

“We Are Catholic”: The Video That Will Make You Proud To Be Catholic!

Today we present a beautiful video made by  Defend Us In Battle. I must say that after watching it… I felt proud to be a Catholic. It does make me wonder though, how can we, who have received so much, be afraid sometimes or even ashamed to share it? “Dear friends, may no adversity paralyze you. Be afraid […]

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