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Mother Teresa prayer when stressed Catholic Quote

How To Deal With Stress If You Want To Become A Saint

I have become convinced that one of the most important indicators of someone’s spiritual maturity is how they deal with stress. Even good people with great intentions fail to maximize their spiritual life precisely because they deal with their stress in ways that actively work against their sanctification. With that in mind, I propose a […]

visual guide to Lectio Divina How To Pray Lectio Divina? A Visual Step By Step Guide

How To Pray Lectio Divina? A Visual Step By Step Guide

“Lectio Divina” means divine reading in Latin. It’s an ancient practice that teaches us how to read, meditate on and live the Word of God. History tells us that it was the Blessed Guigo the Carthusian, who wrote the “most important stages” of this way of meditating the word. It’s not a prayer with fixed […]

praying for the people of great britain rosary on the coast

One Unusual Way That You Can Help the People Of Great Britain

There is much in society to worry us, both at home and abroad. We can easily fall into despair at the many overwhelming and insurmountable issues. But we are called as Christians never ever to despair and never to lose hope. Which is why I love this latest initiative Rosary on the Coast. Last year […]

Gospel Reflection Catholic

Liturgy Live 7th Sunday In Ordinary Time | Be Perfect

This week we talk about how to respond to division in the Church. Do not let others’ actions drag you into sin. Focus on contemplation, be prepared even for distractions, so you will not be disturbed in those moments. When you have control over your own passions and emotions you can have a positive effect […]

Illustrated Examination Of Conscience

An Examination Of Conscience Illustrated Guide

An Illustrated Guide To Make An Examination Of Conscience 1. Open Yourself Up to God’s Presence Practical tip: find a quiet corner in your home or in a chapel. Having a sacred image in front of you is ideal. Light a candle. Take a few moments to breathe and relax. Start by making the sign […]

Adoration: The Ultimate Act And Habit Of Friendship

Adoration: The Ultimate Act And Habit Of Friendship

One of the most fruitful yet daunting experiences in my life has been Eucharistic Adoration. Just a few years ago, I would often marvel at how some people could sit before the Blessed Sacrament and get lost in the experience. Meanwhile, I was scratching my head trying to figure out what to do or say, […]

The importance of silence Catholic

6 Surprising Things That Happen When You Decide To Embrace Silence

In the last few months I’ve really tried to embrace silence more often. To put my headphones down, turn off Netflix, logout of Instagram, and just be still. To pray more often, without distractions. To my surprise, it is not that easy. I don’t think I’m the only one that struggles either. Here’s a sneak […]

catholic serenity prayer

Do You Really Know What The “Serenity Prayer” Means?

The Skit Guys break down the meaning of the “Serenity Prayer” in this hilarious, yet insightful video. Chances are good that you’ve seen this prayer floating around the internet and have maybe even prayed it yourself. The prayer has become widely known because it is used by Alcoholics Anonymous and many other rehabilitation programs. Serenity Prayer […]

Hallow Catholic-Link Giveaway

Hallow Plus GIVEAWAY! Enter Here

You’re going to be hearing a lot about Hallow over the next few weeks. We’ve just launched a partnership with this revolutionary Catholic prayer and meditation app and we’re so excited to share how we’ve been growing spiritually because of it with you. Katie and Drew Taylor recently did a Facebook Live Question and Answer […]

How to Begin Praying with the Breath to Improve Your Spiritual Life

How To Begin Praying With The Breath To Improve Your Spiritual Life

Through intentional breathing, we are subtly able to affect both our heart rhythm and our interior life (see Heartmath Institute). Such gentle guidance of our interior life constitutes a form of asceticism whereby we can calm the disorders of the heart and create the opportunity to receive God’s love. In addition, the natural wisdom of […]


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