What Makes A Perfect Catholic Marriage?

What Makes A Perfect Catholic Marriage?


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Do you believe these Catholic online dating myths? It's time you changed your way of thinking. Great resources for dating Catholics.

It’s Time For Catholics To Stop Believing These 5 Myths About Online Dating

Online dating has never been more popular. In fact, the trend suggests that online dating may become the norm rather than a supplemental tactic.  A recent study showed 19% of internet users in the US said they were currently using an online dating app or platform. A further 27% of participants said they had used […]

catholic marriage date ideas catholic priority

What Your Kids Learn When You Prioritize Your Marriage

“Well, the children have always come first” is a remark that echoes in the offices of too many marriage therapists. Imagine if their wedding vows had been,  “I, John, take you, Jane, to be my beloved wife. I promise to stand by idly, but with deep emotional pain while you shower all of your attention […]

Catholic infertility natural family planning

Infertility And NFP: Still Called To The Joy Of Love

As you may know, many couples use fertility-awareness methods like Natural Family Planning (NFP) to try to become pregnant, but NFP can also help couples carrying the cross of infertility. Learning about the body’s signs and signals of fertility can often reveal problems and give couples and their doctors direction for treatment.  Whatever a couple’s […]


The NFP Advice You’ve Never Heard Before That’s Inspired By St. Teresa of Avila

Natural Family Planning (NFP) is a beautiful and effective way for married couples to remain open to life while also following Church teaching against contraception. For many couples, NFP can be a way for them to grow closer to each other and as a couple grow closer to God. The sanctification and willingness to work […]

list of virtual nfp classes instructors natural family planning

A Guide To Virtual Natural Family Planning Instructors

Need some help learning or relearning Natural Family Planning (NFP), Fertility Awareness Method (FAM), the Marquette Method, Boston Cross Check™, or the Billings Ovulation Method®? Here is a list of providers that offer virtual courses so that you can learn these methods (and more!) from the comfort of your own home. Virtual Natural Family Planning […]

Catholic Date Night Lent

4 Ideas For Lent Date Nights

Truly, Lent is a time to be solemn and focused on our Lord in his journey to the Cross. But as a couple, it still remains important to be united with our beloved through time together and conversation. A Lent themed date night could be a perfect combination of these two truths! 4 Ideas for […]

Catholic valentines quote love marriage

What Does It Mean To Have A Crucifixion Type Of Love For Your Wife?

This beautiful spoken-word piece titled “A Crucifixion Type Love” was written and performed by Brent Rice and, although (disclaimer) we don’t know much about Mr. Rice and his personal religious beliefs, there is no doubt that his poetry is stunning, passionate, and a piece of art that all can benefit from listening to. In this […]

NFP Catholic Love

NFP And The Deconstruction Of Love

One of the best things about the Catholic Church (which of course, there are many, many things) is the communion of saints.  The wisdom and holiness of the men and women who have gone before us can guide us toward the light that is Christ.  There are few areas of our faith life that we […]

NFP Community Natural Family Planning

3 Reasons We All Need Our Own NFP Tribe & How To Find Yours

Living the natural family planning lifestyle can sometimes feel like a solo hike up a steep mountain. We start off excited, convicted (by the science and Church teaching), and as prepared as we can be for this beautiful endeavor. A few miles in, we are facing an unexpected obstacle, nursing an old bum knee, and […]

3 pitfalls to avoid natural family planning

3 Pitfalls To Avoid While Practicing Natural Family Planning

Related content: The Sweet And Sour Of NFP (Natural Family Planning) What Does Being Open To Life Really Mean? 4 Reasons Not To Give Up On NFP When It Gets Hard 6 Points To Help You Understand How To Live A Chaste Marriage What It’s Really Like To Use NFP (From A Man’s Perspective) 5 […]

5 Ways To Nurture Your Marriage In A Season Of Infertility

5 Ways To Nurture Your Marriage In A Season Of Infertility

Related content: What Does Being Open To Life Really Mean? 3 Ways To Grow In Chastity Before Marriage 5 Ways To Strengthen Your Marriage During Quarantine 6 Points To Help You Understand How To Live A Chaste Marriage The Best Marriage Advice From Couples Who’ve Been Married 50+ Years! 5 Truths About Marriage That Are […]

Five Things Children Of Divorce Want The Church To Know

Five Things Children Of Divorce Want The Church To Know

Every year over a million children experience the divorce of their parents, and at least one-quarter of all young adults are children of divorce. And those numbers grow when you include people whose parents never married but later split up, or those whose parents divorce later in life (“gray divorce,” which is on the rise).  […]

catholic marriage fighting all couples argue

If This Is What Marriage Implies, Is It Really Worth It? The Strange Things That All Couples Fight Over

oday’s video could be useful for illustrating the daily quarrels that we can all relate to. Although I myself am not married and am on my way towards the priesthood, more than once I have witnessed –with a bit of awe to be honest–the surprising capacity of loving couples to argue over the most ridiculous […]

NFP Catholic Natural FAmily Planning

The Sweet And Sour Of NFP (Natural Family Planning)

It doesn’t take long when first discovering the world of natural family planning to realize that most couples have a love/hate relationship with NFP.  The reasons to love it are obvious and the reasons to hate it are obvious.  It is a strange mix of sweet and sour that many couples struggle to find the […]

open to life Catholic NFP

What Does Being Open To Life Really Mean?

Open to life.  We’ve all heard it, and for the most part, think we know what it means.  For those who are outside the Church, or perhaps those Catholics who have done little more than get their feet wet in this beautiful thing we call Catholicism, the idea of being “open to life” sounds suffocating – […]

natural family planning catholic why it's hard

4 Reasons Not To Give Up On NFP When It Gets Hard

Let’s face it.  As wonderful as the idea of Natural Family Planning (NFP) can sound, the reality for many couples can be far from that beautiful ideal.  A common thread amongst frustrated couples trudging their way through the trenches of NFP is that the reality of following the Church teaching against contraception can be far […]

Catholic tips for praying together in marriage

Three Key Tips For Praying As A Couple

Have you ever thought, “Wow, I want to have a great marriage…how does that happen?” The answer is simple – prayer. Here are three simple ways to implement prayer in your relationship and form a strong, intimate relationship with your spouse. Schedule It This may seem simple, but if you are intentional about what time […]

The Nuptial Blessing is a rather lengthy prayer is tucked between the Exchange of Consent and the Our Father Catholic Wedding ceremony

Why You Should Listen Closely To This Part Of The Wedding Ceremony

If someone asked you what was said in the Nuptial Blessing at a wedding, would you know? Probably not. This rather lengthy prayer is tucked between the Exchange of Consent and the Our Father and if you aren’t paying attention, you may miss one of the most beautiful prayers of the entire liturgy. Why is […]

Catholic Mother's Day gifts ideas celebrate

10 Ways To Honor Your Catholic Wife On Mother’s Day (Or Any Day)

What I Notice About My Wife I am by no means a perfect husband. I have many faults and do not always show my wife how much I love her. Even when I do not mention the things I see, I do notice quite a bit. Here is what I notice. I notice when my […]

St. John Chrysostom catholic how to pray with your spouse

This Simple Method Of Praying With Your Spouse Will Improve Your Marriage!

Praying with my husband is something that has never been easy for me to do. Though I tell him everything and share all aspects of my life with him, I’ve always seemed to stumble when it comes to our prayer time together. Our first few years of marriage, I forced myself to say something, but […]

best Catholic books on Marriage

31 Of The Best Catholic Books On Marriage

If you’re like most people, you have spent more time preparing for your career than you have for your marriage. We tend to dedicate years of education to get ready for our jobs, but when it comes to marriage most of us focus more on planning a wedding than investing the hours needed to prepare […]

wedding Fr. Bill Byrnes offers insight into 5 things that he'd like engaged couples to know while planning a wedding. Practical & spiritual advice

5 Things To Remember When Planning Your Wedding

Fr. Bill Byrnes from the Archdiocese of Washington offers some insight into the five things that he would like engaged couples to know while planning a wedding. In this brief video, he offers both practical and spiritual advice that couples will find useful. 5 Things To Know When Planning Your Wedding Today many people believe that […]

what do catholics get wrong about marriage

“What Catholics Get Wrong About Marriage”

Blackstone Films has produced an incredibly accurate and insightful video examining the way Catholics think about and live out the vocation of marriage. Warning – the content will be personally challenging and thought-provoking. “By reason of their state in life and of their order, [Christian spouses] have their own special gifts in the People of God.”147 This […]

Raise Adult Catholics

How My Parents Raised Four Adult Catholics Who (Still) Love Jesus And The Church

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to be a formula for raising Catholic kids; it’s simply one family’s experience of how the witness of parents shaped children who became faithful Catholic adults. Each of my siblings and I got to a point in life where we had to choose to embrace our Catholic faith, and […]

love Catholic short film animated

This Animated Short Film Shows That Love Truly Lived Gives Color To Life

Today I present to you a romantic short film about a journalist who falls in love with a girl in the comics section. And yes, this is an appropriate topic for a Catholic Resources website. I believe there are some elements in this short film worth reflecting upon. First, we must accept that love, lived […]


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