“The Wild Goose” Is A Must Watch For Catholics Who Want To Grow In The Holy Spirit

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Father Dave Pivonka and The Wild Goose team have brought together a wonderful series of reflections on the Holy Spirit. These videos produced by 4pmMedia and the accompanying discussion/reflection questions are a great resource for both your personal life and for ministry. Get access to the entire free series by clicking here.

This ministry has a very unusual name, and the website explains it wonderfully: “The Wild Goose is an ancient name that the Celts used for the Holy Spirit. Yes, there is a wildness to the Holy Spirit. The dominant images of the Holy Spirit are a meek dove or a flickering flame of a candle, both of which are in one way accurate. But the Holy Spirit is more than that. God’s Spirit is power and blows not merely like a gentle breeze but at times like a raging wind.” 

In my life I have always associated the term “wild goose” with the phrase “wild goose chase,” i.e., when someone is taken this way then that way and never seems to get to the goal. With the perspective of Fr. Pivonka’s website, I now see it’s more like the wild goose is chasing us! As we go this way and that way with the constant changes of the world, the love of God is always there, “chasing” us. If only we would be still and let it find us, the love that we have been searching for.

The Wild Goose: God’s Love Poured Out

The videos, which are very well produced, come with different messages and reflections for you to get to know this Wild Goose and build a relationship with the third person of the Trinity. In the first episode (of what will ultimately be a series of 14), Fr. Dave talks about God’s love for us and how, by the power of the Holy Spirit, that love is poured out for us.

In our hearts it is the love that fills the longing, the gaping need in ourselves that we search endlessly to be filled. The different stories and personal reflections reveal how intimate this love is for each and every one of us.  A certain reality is made clear, through testimony, that people need to hear that they are loved, personally, and through no merit or action of their own.

The knowledge of the statement “God loves you,” and the acceptance and belief that it’s true, God actually loves you, effects a profound difference when it comes to our hearts. To believe that we are loved – it is the best feeling. It is a feeling that changes us. When we are loved and when our hearts are changed by this love, that is intimate and at the same time communal. It is with the same love that He loves all of His children.

Worth is what we as humans worry about. Worth and worthiness. For God, he loved us from the beginning of time, not based on our actions good or bad. Some have a hard time believing that they are loved so deeply because they feel, or have even been told, that they are not worthy. And, in our human brokenness, we can never be worthy of such a pure love.

Worthiness is not what God is looking for, He is looking for us to love him back. To accept Him into our hearts and be willing to let Him work in our lives. God wants us to respond with our own personal fiat, a reflection of the response the Blessed Virgin Mary gave before the love of the Holy Spirit was poured out on her.

Pray “Come Holy Spirit” then watch the video and pray that the Holy Spirit pours His love into our hearts today, and every day.

The discussion and reflection questions can be found here.

Please take the time to watch and reflect and tell us your experiences with the Love of God being poured out for you.

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