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Caitlin Bootsma is a writer, a life coach, and a communications consultant. More importantly, she's a wife and a mother of four redheads. You can find her at www.radiantboldness.com or on Instagram @radiantboldness

Mission During Quarantine

Taking Pandemic Life From Maintenance To Mission

It’s a running joke that since the pandemic started, our pairs of jeans haven’t seen the light of day. In…

signs of a healthy Catholic parish

5 Signs You Attend A Healthy Parish

Business guru Patrick Lencioni is well-known for his expertise on organizational health. In fact, he is a New York Times…


The Pope’s Cure For Restlessness

Pope Francis recently recorded a personal invitation for young people to join an anticipated million people of all denominations for…

5 Practical Ways To Reconnect With Mama Mary This May

The Church recognizes how important our relationship with Mary is. In fact, She designates the entire month of May for us…

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