The Pope’s Cure For Restlessness

by Evangelization, Pope Francis

Pope Francis recently recorded a personal invitation for young people to join an anticipated million people of all denominations for an incredible event called Together 2016, taking place on July 16, 2016, on the National Mall.

Why did the Pope take the time to emphasize an event like this and what does it have to do with restlessness?

View the video and then follow along below to find out.

1. “Young men and women, I know there is something in your heart that moves you. And that makes you restless, because a young person who is not restless is an old person. And you have youthfulness, and youthfulness breeds restlessness.”

Seems like the Holy Father is saying that restlessness is something natural when you’re young. So many times we feel restless, like there is something new ahead of us, but we just don’t know what it is yet.

2. “What is your restlessness? Do you know what it is or do you not know? Do you want to know what your restlessness is?”

When we feel this urge to discover something new, we have a choice. We can ignore it and stay on the path we’re on (which can often be unsatisfying) or we can seek out what it is that may fulfill us.

3. “I invite you to a great gathering of youth in Washington, D.C. to find the one who can give you an answer to your restlessness.”

You knew where he was going with this message, didn’t you? It is, of course, only God that can answer the restlessness we feel in our hearts.

4. After talking a little more about the event, he says, “And I assure you, you will not be frustrated. God does not leave anyone disillusioned. Jesus is waiting for you. He is the One who planted the seeds of restlessness in your heart.”

That’s a pretty bold promise the Pope makes to us. He says that if we seek God with an open heart, we will not only find Him, we will find the peace we are looking for.

5. And with his characteristic frankness, Pope Francis ends by saying “Give it a try! You don’t have anything to lose.”

In other words, answer the call of your heart. Whether you attend Together 2016 or seek God in the quiet of Eucharistic adoration, personal prayer or the Mass—He is waiting to cure your restlessness!

To find out more information about Together2016, visit

If you can’t attend Together2016, watch the live feed here:



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