5 Practical Ways To Reconnect With Mama Mary This May

by Mary - The Blessed Mother

The Church recognizes how important our relationship with Mary is. In fact, She designates the entire month of May for us to honor her and grow closer to her. We know Mary is Christ’s mother and, by extension, she is each one of our mothers. But do you look to her for guidance? Pray for her intercession? Trust that she is watching out for you?

During the month of May, takes some time to visit with your Mother – learn more about her, increase your love for her.

1. Understand Her: Mary As Mediator

Why pray for Mary’s intercession when we can go directly to God with our prayers? What does the Church mean by calling Mary a “mediator”? Learn more in this two-part talk (available for free by video or audio) from the Institute of Catholic Culture.

2. Pray For Her Intercession: Rivers of Wisdom

How often do you pray the Rosary? This form of Marian devotion is easily accessible to everyone and those who pray it receive many, many graces! RCSpirituality.org offers an online video retreat that will help us delve more deeply into this gift from the Lord.

3. Discover Her Under A New Name: Our Lady Of Atonement

Mary is known by many names, to many different peoples throughout the centuries. This month, learn a little more about Our Lady of Atonement and the role she plays in our redemption. A title put forth by Fr. Paul Wattson, SA, founder of The Franciscan Friars of the Atonement, we can come to understand more fully that all of the graces received because of Christ came to us through Mary.

4. Study Marian Theology: Mary In The Scriptures

If you’re ready to delve a little deeper into Mariology, check out this three-week seminar offered by Catholic Distance University in June. Study the major events of Mary’s life, as explained in the Scriptures, and what they mean for us as Catholics.

5. Honor Her: In Your Home Or At Church

May is a wonderful month to show your love for Mary in a tangible way. Consider bringing her flowers to set near a statue at your local parish or placing a picture of her prominently in your home. This is also a great opportunity if you have children to show them in a simple way the love and respect we have for the Blessed Mother.

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