Do you have any Catholic Bible verses memorized? If we really believe in the power of the Word of God, we should make an effort to study it, understand it, and memorize it.  It is a gift that we have been given to help us in our faith.

It is very useful in the Christian life to memorize scripture. We can use it in times of trouble and despair as a source of hope or in times of joy to show our gratitude to God. We can recite it when we don’t know what or how to pray and use God’s words to offer advice to our friends.

We’ve collected a few Bible verses that are good to know. Click on each of the images to print and post them somewhere so you can begin memorizing it!

15 Bible Verses Catholics Should Memorize

15 Catholic Bible verses you should know

Great Advice on How to Read the Bible from Fr.Mike Schmitz

What Bible verse would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments!