Will They Know You’re A Christian By Your Body Language?

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This video by Dr. Amy Cutty lays out some very interesting insights into the importance of body language. It’s a “back to the basics” topic but when it’s looked at in light of the faith, a few valuable reflections emerge.

3 Things To Remember About Your Body Language As A Christian

1. Get your body into it

If you’re a Christian who desires to live out your faith, it is only natural to question how how your beliefs transform your daily life. One simple point of intersection is the way which you hold yourself. Do you situate your body in a way that gives glory to God? Do you transmit joy, serenity, security, and peace? Or do you look more collapsed, tired, and closed off? A simple thing like changing the way that one sits or stands can be a great way to share one’s faith, hope, and love in the midst of the world.

2. Work from the outside-in

Being slouched over or crossing your arms sends off a pretty clear message that you’re probably a little off. But what if that’s the way that you really feel? What if you’re just not feeling it… should you make the effort to change your posture? One of the best things about being a human person is that our disposition doesn’t have to be determined by how we are feeling. We are free to choose, and as Christians we know that there is always a reason to rejoice, even if we don’t feel like it. St. Paul laid it out in his letter to the Philippians, “Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say, rejoice.” A great first step towards having a set of thoughts and feelings which are aligned with the Truth of God’s love is making the decision to act accordingly.

3. The heart of the matter

The game-changing phrase of the video is “fake it till you become it.” This catch-phrase, which is a play on the cliche “fake it till you make it”, is based upon a profoundly Christian truth. It is good that you exist! Really! Beyond the rough edges, and the sense of imperfection that every individual has, there is that underlying affirmative fact. This reality, which Amy discovered after embracing a long, uphill struggle of throwing herself out there, is made explicit in the moment of Christ’s death and resurrection. Throughout His life Christ insisted on confirming the goodness of each person beyond the frequent moral mishaps. Even more so, this infinite “yes” which Jesus proclaims to each person is the foundation upon which one’s personal transformation can take off.

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