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Member of the Christian Life Movement, Sean is originally from the USA, but he now lives in Ecuador. In addition to his studies in theology in preparation for the priesthood, Sean spends most of his time working with youth.

dorothy Day Catholic Saint biography and quotes
Faith & Life

What Makes A Saint Tick? : Lessons from the heart of Dorothy Day

In his apostolic visit to the United States, Pope Francis mentioned several people who, through hard work and sacrifice, have…

body language

Will They Know You’re a Christian by Your Body Language?

This video by Dr. Amy Cutty lays out some very interesting insights into the importance of body language. It’s a…

climb christian

4 Vital Lessons that Holy Week Teaches Us About Being a Christian Today

In celebrating the mysteries of Holy Week, one of the basic question which comes to mind is, “What does it mean…

heroic priesthood
Consecrated Life

Have you gone “all-in” with God? Another Awesome Vocation’s Video

Responding to a vocation takes guts. Whether it’s a calling to marriage with that special someone, to the silence of…

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