Watch This Priest Ski While Playing The Bagpipes

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Well, this isn’t something you see every day, or ever. Fr. Nolan, a priest from the Diocese of Boise, Idaho, is hitting the slopes while playing the bagpipes to help raise the money needed to build a new church for a parish he was previously assigned to. You’ve got to admire his passion and ability to put the skills God gave him to good use!

Watch The Priest Skiing While Playing The Bagpipes

To find out more or to donate, visit the St. Joan of Arch website.

Though playing the bagpipes while skiing is a unique skill for a priest, skiing is not. Check out the skills of these priests from Poland who compete annually in the Pope John Paul II Skiing Competition.

Pope John Paul II Skiing Competition

Join us in praying for these men who live their vocation to the fullest!

And don’t miss the story of the former Olympic speedskater who is now a nun.

speedskater olympic nun


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