Check Out What USA Today Had To Say About This Nun And Former Olympic Star

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The Winter Olympics are upon us and there is no shortage of amazing stories from the 2018 Games already.

But USA Today takes us down memory lane with their article on an Olympic speed-skater from 1998. 

And it is well worth the read because it is a warm and positive article on one of the most unique vocation stories I’ve ever heard of.

The USA Today article begins:

“At a community ice rink in the northern English city of Bradford, the security attendant had a bit of a dilemma. She had already remonstrated with a group of teenage boys for larking about, skating too quickly and endangering other visitors, and now there was another speedster hurtling around the rink, even faster.

Except that this time the customer powering around the ice, executing gliding turns and weaving in and out of human traffic wasn’t joking around and carried a focused look of remembrance.

And she was wearing a nun’s habit.”

You can read the rest of the article here, or check out Sr. Catherine’s story in her own words below:


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