This Rapidly Growing Order Of Priests Just Launched An Incredible Digital Library

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Fr. Ambrose, Director of the Norbertine Father’s Novices, has witnessed several young men hear and answer the call to a priestly vocation with the Norbertines. Currently, there are thirty-eight seminarians living at St. Michael’s Abbey with two more on the waiting list.

A seminary with a waiting list? That’s rare for the times we are in!

We asked Fr. Ambrose to share why he believes so many are being drawn to the Norbertine order. He shared, “Young people in the Church today want to be heroes! They don’t want to live their Christian lives by halves, so when Our Lord calls them to follow Him more closely, they look for a place where they can answer His call heroically.

Here at St. Michael’s Abbey we Norbertines are trying to become Saints. We live our religious and priestly lives as thoroughly and as faithfully as we can, and that attracts many young men to come and join us.”

Though founded centuries ago in 1121 by St. Norbert, the Norbertine fathers are quite innovative. Yes, they cling to their traditional white habits, penchant for service, and intellectual rigor, but they have also heard the call to bring about renewal through technology.

In an effort to reach more souls with their powerful teachings, they have recently launched the Abbot’s Circle. This subscription platform for donors to the Abbey will feature video, audio, and written content from the Norbertine confreres, in order to engage lay Catholics, priests, and religious, offer support and resources during these difficult times in the Church, and help them better live out the faith in their lives.

Abbot’s Circle members will have access to the Norbertine priests for spiritual guidance and support, and to respond to their direct questions and needs delivered via the Abbot’s Circle communications portal.

“St. Norbert, a Catholic reformer, founded the Norbertines to lift up a demoralized clergy, preach to the lay faithful, and so renew the Church in difficult times,” said Very Rev. Chrysostom Baer, prior of St. Michael’s Abbey. “We are fulfilling this very same mission today, in a time when both laity and clergy are demoralized by scandal, by using new media to connect with the faithful and offer support and guidance. While atypical for religious priests to use digital media in this way, we believe in the power of new media to reach out to the faithful and support them in their faith lives.”

Videos such as those below will be available for all donors.

Access to the Abbot’s Circle digital library is given as a thank you to the monthly benefactors who support the ministries of St. Michael’s and the formation of future priests and seminarians. 100% of donations are tax deductible. To join the Abbot’s Circle go to 

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