The Do’s And Don’ts Of Evangelization

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I have often spoken with people who express their interest in evangelizing but are reticent when it comes to putting it into practice. Today’s video was produced by Lifeteen looks to give a few tips on how to evangelize.

3 Steps To Evangelization

1. What’s the first step in evangelization? Being yourself. Christ doesn’t need superhumans, or 007’s for apostles, He needs you. This should be a relief and a challenge at the same time. It’s a relief because you don’t have to pass through some hardcore training program. It’s a challenge because you no longer have any excuse not to evangelize.

2. What’s next? Testimony. Friendship is one of the best ways of helping others to discover life’s deeper truths. Evangelization, in this sense, takes place in the normal, daily routine. It’s more about walking with others and pointing out the beauty of the horizon, than pushing them in a different direction. Let your behavior, your comments, and your attitude reveal something different in you, something that breaks with cultural paradigms but attracts at the same time. Again, this means relief and challenge. A relief because you don’t have to change your job or routine very much. A challenge because it means that your job is no longer just a job, your lunch no longer just a lunch, and your time in the gym… you get the point.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Evangelization

3. Finally, keep your eye on the goal. The goal is loving Christ and sharing that love. To share it, you have to share it with the person that you have in front of you. If you are looking for new loopholes in your personal school of life, you’ve got the wrong place. Evangelization means stepping outside of your comfort zone and putting yourself in other people’s shoes. If you aren’t making sacrifices, you probably aren’t evangelizing.

There’s much more to be said! But these are just a few brief ideas. Now it’s time for you to put them into practice! Also, never forget: a fundamental part of evangelization is teaching others to evangelize. If today’s video’s message is clear enough for you, I bet there are plenty of others who could benefit from it.

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