The Divine Plan: JPII, Ronald Reagan, And the Cold War

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The Divine Plan is a film by Robert Orlando, played across the United States in theaters only on November 6, 2019. This documentary asks the question: Were President Ronald Regan and Pope St. John Paul II to credit for the downfall of the Soviet Union and Communism? Rather, it is asked, was this a divine plan of God that these two men would be used as instruments of the divine will?

The film makes a compelling case that the downfall of the Soviet Union was a triumph of the will of God working in these two great men of the 20th Century. It is highly recommended that all people watch this film.

A Brief Analysis of the The Divine Plan

From the outset, this film is visually striking. Much of the commentary in between photos, video clips, and interviews is spoken overtop of eye-catching comic-book style images of President Reagan, Pope John Paul II, and the Berlin Wall.

There are recognizable Catholics in the film, including Bishop Robert Barron, Bishop Timothy Dolan, and the biographer of Pope John Paul II: George Weigel. There is an assortment of others in the film who are experts on the Cold War, Reagan-era America, and the saintly Pope.

There is just enough biographical and historical information in the film to introduce the personalities and faith-driven characters of the President and the Pontiff. However, if you have not studied the Cold War in a few years, you may want to brush up. The documentary does a great job of answering the main question: is this the work of a “Divine Plan”? But it does necessarily have to abridge a very long and complicated period of world history.

This film tells a story and it does so in a captivating way. Even those who are usually not interested in history will find this presentation gripping.

Reagan and Wojtyla

Ronald Reagan and Karol Wojtyla (the future Pope John Paul II) came from very different situations in their earlier years, but they were united by their deep faith in God and their trust in divine providence. The film does a beautiful job of highlighting the course of their active years together. This also includes the assassination attempts on both men and the astounding forgiveness of their would-be assassins.

Both Reagan and Pope St. John Paul II understood the dangers of Communism, but they clearly saw themselves as participators in something bigger. They saw themselves as being spared for a higher purpose. They met many times and shared this common vision.

Hope and Struggle

Today, when the dangers of Communism have made a resurgence following the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1991, the audience of this film is given the task of following in the footsteps of these giants. The struggle is ongoing, but there is always hope in the Divine Plan.

Hard choices must be made, in faith. We must follow our conscience. We must fight for what we believe is right.

Margaret Thatcher’s eulogy of Ronald Reagan is quoted in the film. She could be speaking likewise of Pope St. John Paul II. “We have one thing that Ronald Reagan never had. We have his example.”

Faith has the power to change the world and we have the example of these two great men.

I cannot recommend strongly enough. Make plans to see The Divine Plan. Support this powerful, faith-filled testimony of two of history’s great men who chose to put God first and follow His plan rather than their own. This film not only tells the story of President Ronald Reagan and Pope St. John Paul II, but it inspires all to recognize the power of a man of conscience who understands that he is an instrument for the Divine Plan of God to fall afresh on a world that groans to know Him. 

The DIVINE PLAN will only be in theaters on November 6th. Buy your tickets NOW to ensure you have a seat!

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