What’s The Chosen? 

The Chosen is the first multi-season television series about the life of Christ, as witnessed through the eyes of those He impacted. Directed by Dallas Jenkins (The Resurrection of Gavin Stone) and distributed by VidAngel Studios, The Chosen has grown to become the largest crowdfunded TV series of all time.

The Chosen | Official Trailer

No matter where you are at in your journey with Jesus Christ, this TV show is for you!

Imagine you could see the life of Jesus through the eyes of the people that walked on Earth with him – the disciples, Mary his mother, the Pharisees, the children, those He healed. 

What would that look like?  Now you can experience it! 

The Chosen is the first-ever multi-season TV show about the life of Jesus. Created outside of the Hollywood system, The Chosen allows us to see Him through the eyes of those who knew him.

The Chosen stays faithful to the Gospels and at the same time tells us a story that is in between the lines of scripture.  This T.V. series brings to life those people that are mentioned in the Bible, using the historical context of life at the time of Jesus.  The series does not contradict scripture, but instead puts life around it so that we as viewers can imagine, “What was life like with Jesus.”  It really could have been this way.

We believe that as you encounter the characters in The Chosen each week for the next eight weeks, you will build a new curiosity about the life of Jesus and those that followed him when he walked the earth. 

How To Use This Reflection

This series, along with these reflection sheets and the Dive Deeper, has the potential to give you a better understanding of Jesus as God and man. 

The accompanying short Bible verses on each reflection sheet will help you set the foundation.  If you choose, read them first.  Then, as you watch the episode, what was happening  ‘in-between-the-lines” may be brought to life in a deeper, entertaining and powerful way.  

After watching each episode, allow the reflection questions to help you digest what you watched. 

Our hope is that as you encounter the characters in The Chosen, you are able to relate to them, leading you in a closer relationship with Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

The Chosen is a fresh look at the Gospels for those who have been reading the stories for years or for those who are just curious about who Jesus is and was.


To further the experience we’ve added some MORE reflections, nuggets of information and cultural tidbits to help DEEPEN your experience. Whether it’s your first time watching this series or the 40th, we believe this section will definitely enhance your encounter. 

The Chosen | Episode 1

Quick Summary:
In Episode One, we are introduced to Mary Magdalene, who we know very little from the Bible.  We know she was cured of seven demons and not much else. However, she was there at Jesus’ crucifixion and his resurrection, so we can imagine she was a dedicated disciple.
Mary of Magdala may not be a Bible character you have personally empathized with before. You may also not have imagined what the normal life was like for Jesus’ disciples: their daily work, troubles, family.
That will all change after watching this episode!

Isaiah 43:1    John 3:1    Luke 8:1-3    Mark 16: 9  

Cultural Tidbit

Jewish tax collectors were despised by Jewish people because they were seen as traitors to the Jewish people.

Mary was cured of “evil spirits” by Jesus (Luke 8:1-3).  While the attempted exorcism from Nicodemus is a fictional story, there is evidence of Jewish exorcisms during this time.  There is very little in the Old Testament about Jewish exorcisms, however King Saul suffered from an “evil spirit” and David was sent to play his harp to help Saul
​(1 Samuel 16:14-23).

Dive Deeper…

~It’s interesting to see how the religious and political environment looked in Jesus’ day. What kind of people did Jesus spend the least and most time with?

~Redeemed, called by name. How can we remind ourselves of this truth and live it out practically?

~Which characters stood out to you most? Which were most interesting? Most moving?

~Who was the more identifiable character for you: Nicodemus/Mary Magdalene?
OR was it Matthew Simon or Andrew? Why?

~How are the portrayals of Matthew and Peter’s characters different from your idea of their lives?

~ Did Simon Peter’s marriage surprise you? Why?

~ What did you think about the timing of the appearance of Jesus?
What were the filmmakers saying about Jesus’ intentionality and timing?

~ In what ways can you identify with Lilith/Mary Magdalene?

~What do you think an encounter with Jesus looks like?  How can an encounter with Jesus change you?

~ What has Jesus delivered you from and for?

~ Who is someone in your life who needs to “come and see” Jesus?
Pray for that person, then go make the introduction.
​Trust Jesus to do the convincing.

The Chosen | Episode 2

Quick Summary:
How did Jesus worship God as a young adult Jewish man?  Find out in this episode as we see Nicodemus pursue the woman who was miraculously healed after his failure. All of the Jews observe the weekly Shabbat dinner, which features a surprise visitor to Mary’s house!

Genesis 2:1-3    Deuteronomy 5:12-15     Proverbs 31:10-31   
​Mark 3:16-18     John 1:46      Revelation 3:20 

Dive Deeper...

~When a miracle happens, are you one to question every detail, or just enjoy and celebrate it? 

~ We are to rest and honor family, our people and God on the Sabbath, to refresh our souls. Rest is a restorative gift. How or are you utilizing it? Could you be utilizing it more, if so how?

~ Simon Peter and Andrew were in a tough position, what do you think about how they handled it?

~ How has your understanding of the role (and hatred toward) tax collectors been enhanced?

~ Matthew said that his father said he has no son. How did this impact your view of him?

~ Why do you think Jesus chose to go to the Shabbat he went to?  Why didn’t he choose the Shabbat Nicodemus was at?  What does this say about Jesus’ ministry?

~ Jesus invited Himself into Mary’s Shabbat observance. How does that resonate with you?

~ Who is the last person you invited into your home/life for the purpose of telling them about what God has done in your life?

The Chosen | Episode 3

Begging the question- do you embrace a childlike faith?  This beautiful episode of The Chosen introduces us to some children, who demonstrate for us how to listen to Jesus. The bold and simple faith of childhood is on display. They are naturally entranced by His kindness and gentleness with them; and they learn a great deal from His simple message of love and grace.

Deuteronomy 6:4-5     Isaiah 61:1-2,
Luke 4:18-19,  Luke 18: 15-17      Mark 10:14       ​Matthew 6:9-15, Matthew 18:3-5 

Cultural Tidbit

In this episode, Jesus is seen washing his feet before entering his bed. As a faithful Jewish man, Jesus followed the Jewish tradition of washing one’s feet before entering a home.  Foot washing is found throughout the Old Testament and was a sign of hospitality, service and purification.

Dive Deeper…

~ Jesus’ responses to some of the children’s questions seemed evasive or incomplete. Why do you think that is? And how does this relate to His responses to our questions?

~ Jesus’ gift reminded Abigail that He did not come only for the wealthy.
How does that make you feel about Jesus? 
What does that mean about how we as His disciples treat people?

~ Why do you think Jesus welcomed these children?
What does this say about how much He desires to welcome YOU?

~ “Adults need the faith of children.”
​How can we intentionally make space for this in our faith and life?

The Chosen | Episode 4

Quick Summary
When a man is trying to provide for his family, desperate times call for desperate measures. Simon Peter reaches his lowest and most desperate point before Jesus intrudes in the best way possible. After watching this episode, you will never see of the miracle of the fish the same way.  

Matthew 13:47-52, Matthew 4:18-22, Matthew 3:1-7, Luke 8:10, Luke 5:1-11, John 1:29-34 

Dive Deeper…

~ Sometimes we forget how intense the teachings of Jesus were. His parables and teachings were not sanitized, feel-good messages. What do you think the impact of this miracle would have meant in the context of Jesus’ time?

~ How did the weaving of Peter’s backstory (all creative license) make you feel about the development of Peter’s character?

~ The night of the Sea of Galilee amplified the encounter with Jesus in the morning. Have you ever experienced Jesus coming to you after a “dark night” in your life? Share if you feel comfortable doing so.

~ Andrew met Jesus through John the Baptist and is confident He’s the Messiah. What do you think about his longing for Simon Peter to know Jesus? 
Who is your “Peter?”

~ What was the role of John the Baptist? (Luke 1:8-17, Luke 3:1-9)
How is this also our role as the church?

~ Jesus told the fisher brothers that they would become fishers of men.  What did that mean for them? Is that our mission as well? Why or why not?

Find More Dive Deeper Questions For Season One HERE.

Catholic-Link would like to thank Jodi Stauffer and the E-Team at St. Leo‘s (Grand Island, Nebraska) for allowing us to publish and share this guide to The Chosen series. They were inspired by the work of Northstar Church and Down The Hobbit Hole Blog to create a Catholic guide for the show. We look forward to what they have in store for Season Two!

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