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Saint Pope Paul VI life story
Holy Father

Why Is St. Pope Paul VI Called “The Pilgrim Pope”?

As we celebrate and rejoice over the canonization of Pope Paul VI,  we would like to share a few videos…

reading the bible catholic

9 Reasons Why “The Bible Is A Highly Dangerous Book!”

Pope Francis recently wrote the preface to the new Youth Bible. What he says is amazing, and we encourage you…

is the Pope Catholic
Holy Father

Matt Maher on Why The Pope Is (or Is Not) a Big Deal

Matt Maher (a Catholic artist) recently won two Dove Award wins, taking home the trophies for Songwriter of the Year…

Introducing A Cartoon Series About Pope Francis! | Catholic-Link.org

Introducing A Cartoon Series About Pope Francis! | Catholic-Link.org

After weeks of dreaming, planning, praying, and working, I am excited to share that we will soon be launching the…

Pope Francis Quotes
Catholic Media

A Video with 5 Powerful Messages from Pope Francis

Today’s video is a great and dynamic selection of Pope Francis quotes that are inspiring. The talented people at Outsidedabox produced it…

Pope Francis expressions
Holy Father

10 Unforgettable Expressions of Pope Francis

Catholic-link.com – We have collected 10 of some of the best expressions of Pope Francis. Our Holy Father, among other…

Pope John Paul II
Holy Father

St. John Paul II, The Life of a Holy Pope (Animated Video)

What led St. John Paul II to greatness? Was it because of his apostolic success, his impressive figure, or his…

Holy Father

The Life of Pope Francis in 4 Minutes! (Translated in 19 Languages)

With this Catholic-Link production, “The Life of Pope Francis in 4 Minutes”. Our idea is to help Catholics and non-Catholics alike…

G.K. Chesterton

Chesterton’s Take On The Papacy

When Christ at a symbolic moment was establishing His great society, He chose for its cornerstone neither the brilliant Paul…

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