Saint John Paul II: Why Did We Love Him So Much?

by Holy Father, Saint John Paul II

Many years have passed since our beloved Saint John Paul II passed on and entered into God’s loving embrace, yet his presence is still strongly felt today. This video reminds us why JPII was so great, why he was able to reach so many hearts, why he become like a father to us all: his kindness, his purity, his joy, his spirit, but, above all, because he was like Christ!

Saint John Paul II And Children

“Only in Christ can men and women find answers to the ultimate questions that trouble them. Only in Christ can they fully understand their dignity as persons created and loved by God. Jesus Christ is “the only Son from  the Father…full of grace and truth.” —John Paul II. World Youth Day, 1993. Denver, Colorado.

Prepare to celebrate and honor the life of this modern day Saint on his feast day, which is October 22nd.  Saint John Paul II loved the outdoors especially hiking, canoeing and skiing. A wonderful way to celebrate his life would be to get out and experience the beauty of the world God created for us. Put down your cell phone and turn off the television as a way to show your regard for this great Saint.  Go to daily Mass or read some of the insightful reflections that Saint JP II has left us with as a way of showing your devotion  to this holy man of God.

He is living proof that saints can change the world! If we decide to accept Christ into our lives and live out his teachings in a radical way, we too can be a light to others as Saint John Paul II has been with us!

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