The Powerful Movie That Will Move You to Action: “Priceless” (2016)

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This week I had the opportunity to attend a screening of the movie “Priceless” which is being released in the United States today. Priceless is a powerful drama that tells the heroic story of a man, James Stevens, who suddenly finds himself stuck in the middle of a human trafficking ring. This action-packed film and beautiful love story will open your eyes to the horror of human trafficking and the power of faith.

James, a man who has recently gone through his own heartbreak with the death of his wife and the pain of his daughter being taken away from him by social services, is faced with a moral dilemma.  Should he attempt to rescue the two women that he was paid to deliver or should he walk away and forget about what had happened? If he chooses to rescue them, he will risk his own life. If he chooses to leave them, he will live with the knowledge that these women are being physically, sexually, and emotionally abused.

Though most of us will never face such extreme circumstances, the message is clear. Every situation we find ourselves in, we have the choice to stay trapped in our sinful mistakes or to make them right in spite of the involved risk. This is just one of the many life lessons in the movie Priceless.

For those familiar with Christian music, you may recognize that the star of this film is Joel Smallbone from for King & Country.  He successfully makes the transition from musician to actor in this movie and does an exceptional job in the role of James.  Both Joel Smallbone and his brother Ben Smallbone, the director, have been a driving force behind this film.  Their hope was to raise awareness of the evil of human trafficking and to remind all women that they are priceless.

Who should see this movie?

Obviously, because of the nature of the content, this movie is not for the whole family. However, I do feel that a mature teen could handle what is shown. Although it is disturbing, human trafficking is something that we need to acknowledge is a reality in our world.  It is estimated that 20-30 million people throughout the world are living in slavery today.  Not only will this movie remind teenagers to be more guarded of their own safety and aware of their surroundings, but the film will also inspire them to become an advocate for those women that are living under these awful conditions.

Reflection Questions

1.) In what ways are you similar to James? What was it that motivated him to make the choices he did?

2.) What did Antonia teach us about faith in all circumstances? How do trials in this life impact your faith?

3.) Before watching this movie, were you aware of the problem of human trafficking? How did the film motivate you to become an advocate for those trapped in this awful form of slavery?

4.) What can you do to raise awareness of human trafficking in your community? How can you protect yourself and others from becoming a victim of this crime?

5.) How can we work towards helping all people realize that they are priceless?

Additional Resources and Ways to Help

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Don’t let this be just another movie that you watch. Allow it to be the motivation you need to work for change. Take action by finding out how you can fight against human trafficking. It is a violent crime that is  happening all around us and we must come together to pray and work for it to end.

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