A Game Even The Pope Could Play? Card Game For Catholics

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You’ve probably heard of the popular game Cards Against Humanity. Though this game can be hilarious to play, it’s also incredibly inappropriate. It is definitely not a family-friendly game and even adults should throw out a few of the cards that are included in the game.

Inspired by the concept of the game, but disappointed with the content, Matt and Lisa Martinusen decided to create their own edition. According to the website, “This epic creation was designed with the Catholic Church as our inspiration. Each card draws from the faith including areas such as, homeschool stereotypes, ancient tradition and current Catholic celebrities. It is one giant inside joke for Catholics around the world.”

The Catholic Card Game

Wondering How To Play?

The Catholic Card Game includes 80 prompt cards and 400 answer cards. The amount of possible combinations is similar to the number of Abraham’s descendants. A holy lot!

There are two decks of cards: Prompts (Yellow) and Answers (White)
A yellow card is played by the Judge and all other players lay down a white card from their hand that they discern to be the most fitting.
The Judge then reads aloud the answer cards a chooses a winner for that round.

This is a party game so it needs at least 3 people to be played and can be played with 10+. That’s right; finally, a game that you and your 9 siblings can play together!

This game looks like it will be a great addition to family game night, as well as a lot of fun for youth groups and Bible studies. Visit The Catholic Card Game website for more information.



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