Did you know there are several married Saints?

As our society likes to frequently remind us, marriage is no easy task. To live out the vocation of marriage requires a great deal of self-sacrifice and self-discipline. In the Sacrament of Marriage, both the husband and the wife make a promise before God to remain committed to the relationship no matter how difficult things may get. They promise to stand by one another and comfort each other in the midst of all circumstances. Together they will face whatever trials and difficulties come their way and together they will enjoy life’s greatest blessings, but the ultimate goal of a marriage has more to do with how they will spend eternity.

God uses marriage to help us grow in holiness. He reveals our strengths and our weaknesses in the ways in which we respond to our spouse. He calls us to fully trust in Him and His plan for our family in our daily decisions. Spouses must strive to encourage each other to grow in relationship with Jesus so that they can ultimately lead one another towards the prize of Heaven.

Today we feature some men and women who were able to live the vocation of marriage to the fullest and are now enjoying eternity with our Lord. Learn from the holy lives of these married Saints and ask them to intercede for your marriage! We hope you are inspired by this incredible list of ten married Saints.

10 Married Saints Who Teach Us How to Live Marriage

1.St.Louie Martin and St. Zelie Martin

Married Saints Who were married

2. St.Isidore  and St. Maria de la CabezaMarried saints who were married

3. Blessed Luigi and Maria Beltrame

Married Saints Holy Spouses

 4. St. Zachary and St. Elizabeth

Saints Who Were Married married saints

5. St. Vincent and St. Waldetrudis

Saints Who Were Married

6. St. Gordianus and St. Silvia

Saints Who were married

7. St. Gregory and St. Nonna

saints who were married

8. Mary the Mother of God and St. Joseph

saints who were married

9. St. Joachim and St. Anne

Married Saints

10. St. Aquilla and Priscilla

Married Saints

Do you know of any other Married Saints who we can add to our list?! Let us know in the comments.

Images were created by Marigina Bruno Henríquez.