Lifeweapon: The Wearable Prayer

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Maxmillian Michieli started the lifeweapon ministry in 2015 to fix a problem in his life. He frequently wanted to pray the rosary, but always seemed to forget to bring his rosary along with him. This inspired him to create wearable rosary prayer bands that would never be left behind.

Wearing the lifeweapon rosary bands will remind you to pray, but they can also be a wonderful tool to evangelize. Each band comes with a card that will help you share the Gospel and lead others in prayer. The lifeweapon website also offers valuable tools that will guide you in growing in prayer.

“The holy Rosary is a powerful weapon. Use it with confidence and you’ll be amazed at the results.” -St. Josemaria Escriva

The Story Behind the Name: Lifeweapon

“The inspiration for the name came from an incident that happened at the time, when a Nigerian bishop (Bishop Oliver Dashe Doeme of Maiduguri) had a vision of Christ while in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Jesus came towards him with a sword, and when the bishop reached for it, it turned into a rosary. Jesus told him three times: “Boko Haram is gone.” (Boko Haram is a militant Islamist group prevalent in his diocese). After I heard of this, suddenly everywhere I turned I started seeing quotes from saints, articles, and social media posts all referring to the Rosary as a weapon against evil. I think God was trying to tell me something. lifeweapon was born.

Jesus told him three times: “Boko Haram is gone.” (Boko Haram is a militant Islamist group prevalent in his diocese). After I heard of this, it seemed everywhere I turned I started seeing quotes from saints, articles, and social media posts all referring to the Rosary as a weapon against evil. God was trying to tell me something. Lifeweapon was born.

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The Mission of Lifeweapon

It is my mission to spread the Rosary to the whole world. I intend on doing this by encouraging people to pray. Just once. Just one word even. Just one little movement of their heart towards the One who created them and loves them with a love more powerful than they could ever fathom. If my little band can bring them to flirt with Jesus Christ for even a split second, then He has the opportunity to woo them and bring them to His bridal chamber. He is awesome like that.

So, the bands are priced to give away. They come with little cards that help take the fear out of sharing the Gospel. They lead people to a website that teaches them to pray, and where they can be prayed for. Even if they are agnostic, there is a prayer there for them. I based it on the X-Files, because… well, because prayer doesn’t suck, and it shouldn’t be boring. And guess what? It’s working. I get stories all the time now about people that are coming into a relationship with Jesus Christ and His Mom- all through a simple little gray rubber band. ” – Maxmillian Michieli,  Founder of

Your Prayer Life

Max has recently started a podcast called “your prayer life.” Each guest is asked  “What does your prayer life look like?” with the intent of shamelessly taking their ideas and using them to make our prayer lives better.
The first episode features Scott Elmer from the Archdiocese of Denver and it is a blast. In the upcoming months, Chris Stefanick and Dr. Edward Sri will be guests. 


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