Is Halloween Catholic? A Guide To Reclaiming The Holiness Of This Celebration

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This is the time of year when many Catholics ask themselves if it is ok to celebrate Halloween. Today we offer a few insights and resources to help you decide on how you will participate in the cultural festivities, as well as remember to keep All Saints Day holy.

The desire for holiness, embedded in the depths of our being, cries out. Yet, so often, we silence it with remarkable determination. How creative we are in our excuses! How dogged we are in our resistance! How cunning we are in our evasion! How intelligent we are in our self-deception!

All Saints DAy

The core of All Saints Day is the resounding response of every saint in heaven: Holiness is possible! It is true! It exists! To believe in Christ is to believe in holiness. To believe in his love is to believe in the capacity to become holy in that love. Why don’t you, then, allow this beautiful feast to mark a change in our your conception of holiness? Because the quest for sanctity is the quests of quests. It is the adventure of an eternity. It takes root in the heart and blooms in all that we do, no matter our career, our personality, our background, our talents, our defects, Christ takes it all and makes it new in Him.

With this in mind, we would also like to invite each one of you, in your own life and in your initiatives, to truly work so that this celebration, in its authentic sense, become once again central in the culture around you. For years now, All Saints Day has been hijacked, put into timeout by the culture’s “old self” that would rather divert themselves with horror. The demanding heights of holiness have been substituted with the mediocrity or even with the rejection of such an ideal, representing a sort of division of our humanity, and the destiny which God has bestowed on us.

The idea is not so much to go out and to condemn the mistaken costumes that have arisen, rather to keep a critical approach towards them, to work so that the authentic meaning prevail and take root in the lives of others.

Here, are a few links that could be useful:

4. Becoming Who We Are by Fr. Dwight Longneck

Resources for celebrating with children:


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