Is Amazon’s Alexa Catholic? 15 Alexa Skills That Make Us Think She Is

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Well, when you ask Alexa if she’s Catholic, she will typically reply, “Sorry, I’m not sure,” but I have my suspicions that she might be Catholic.

There was recently a hoax in which comedian Steve Crowder upset several conservative news outlets and Christians when he posted a video claiming that Alexa would respond to the question “Who is the Lord Jesus Christ?” by saying that “Jesus Christ is a fictional character.” However, this turned out to be fake news, and though Alexa might not be baptized, she does offer some nice features for Catholics.

Christian Alexa: The Believer’s Alternative (This is just a joke.)

15 Catholic Skills On Alexa

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1. Catholic News from EWTN

2. Saint of the Day from Franciscan Media

3. The Holy Rosary

4. Mass Times (for any city!)

5. Prayer Helper – Recites traditional Catholic prayers

6. Catholic Flash – Provides you with information from the Liturgical Calendar

7. Catholic Facts

8. Daily Mass Readings

9. Catholic Trivia

10. Catholic Pickup Lines – just for fun, but it could be useful!

11. Catholic Calendar

12. Hugh Hewitt Radio Show

13. Divine Mercy Radio

14. Sharing The Word – Daily Reflections from Franciscan Media

15.  Audiobooks – There are several free, Catholic audiobooks available that Alexa will read aloud.

I’ve limited this list to just the Catholic skills that Alexa offers, but there are several  Christian skills offered as well. In addition to the skills, we use Alexa to play Advent Hymns and Christian music. So, while she might not quite identify as Catholic, Alexa can be a very useful tool for the Catholic family!

What’s your favorite Alexa skill or feature? Let us know in the comments!

Photo credit: Piotr Cichosz / unsplash

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