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Is your Catholic parish safe during the holiday season? These tips help plan for medical emergencies, liturgical disruptions, and all safety

Keep Your Parish Safe With These Essential Tips

“So all went to be enrolled, each to his own town. “ Luke, 2:3 It is easy to imagine the chaos that consumed Bethlehem during Caesar’s census.  It is fitting, because like Mary and Joseph, we too are likely spending this time of year traveling, visiting the places and people we grew up with.  Or, […]

should have catholic gospel reflection

Getting Rid Of Preconceived Notions About How Things Are “Supposed” To Be

Gospel of Matthew 11:2-11 When John the Baptist heard in prison of the works of the Christ,he sent his disciples to Jesus with this question,“Are you the one who is to come,or should we look for another?”Jesus said to them in reply,“Go and tell John what you hear and see:the blind regain their sight,the lame […]

Lent fail failures success goals Gospel reflection

How To Make Real Spiritual Progress In 2023

“Each day that begins, if welcomed in prayer, is accompanied by courage, so that the problems we have to face no longer seem to be obstacles to our happiness, but rather appeals from God, opportunities for our encounter with him.” Pope Francis We all know that we should pray every day. Prayer connects us to […]

Here is a Catholic Guide to 2023! Find a quote for each month, the monthly Catholic devotion, the Pope's Intention, Holy Days, and More!

A Catholics Guide To Living 2023: Quotes, Devotions, & Resources For A New Year!

Start 2023 strong by committing to grow in your Catholic faith and answering the call to be devoted to daily prayer. Our Catholic Guide to 2023 will lead you with the quotes, monthly devotions, and intentions to help you stay motivated each month of the year. Save or print this article so that you can […]

How can Catholics keep their minds and bodies healthy in order to live as a temple of God? Here are 3 tips for maintaining your health

Top 3 Ways Catholics Can Start Improving Their Mental And Physical Health Today

Health and soundness are better than all gold, and a robust body than countless riches. Sirach 30:15 St. Paul made clear that our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 3:16 -1 7; 6:19 – 20), and St. Thomas elaborated in his great Summa Theologica that Christ’s command to love God with […]

seek conversion grace

3 Simple Ways To Cultivate Grace In The New Year

As December draws to a close, the bare trees and winter winds tempt me to think that God lies dormant with the rest of creation. He chose this season, however, for His incarnation, showing me that the Lord works wonders in the moments that seem the most unexpected. Wherever you find yourself as we transition into the new year, here are three […]

Top catholic news 2022

Top Catholic News Stories From 2022

This Catholic Year in Review is not an exhaustive list of every important event to happen in 2022, but these are some of the biggest news stories in the United States and globally to transpire in the Catholic world. The war in Ukraine, the German Synodal Way, the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and much […]

Catholic mental health and discernment of spirits

Discernment Of Spirits And Mental Health: The 3 Spirits At Work In Our Lives

I want to introduce two things to you- discernment of spirits as taught by St. Ignatius and Satan as the great accuser.  St. Ignatius taught that there are three spirits at work in our lives. The first is the spirit of God. The idea is that we can tell which spirit is at work by the […]

Prayer can be boring. Here's why and a helpful guide for Catholics to learn more about prayer and consolations.

Here’s Why Prayer Can Be Boring (And How To Fix It!)

The first thing to realize about prayer is that it can be boring. Just about everything else we do gives us results within a relatively short period of time. Not so in prayer. I began praying the rosary daily as a freshman in high school. My motive was to pray for world peace. The Sisters […]

What can you do as a Catholic to turn your bad day around? Start with prayer. Fill your day with gratitude and offer it up!

What Can Catholics Do To Conquer A Bad Day?

We’ve all been there. The day just isn’t going well. The culprit could be a rough night with the kiddos, bad news, or maybe you’re just in a funk and don’t know why. I don’t enjoy any of those, but for me, the worst part is that a bad day can be hard to shake. […]

Ever since man chose to separate himself from God, this attempt to reach the heights has been a near constant search

Man’s Search For God: The Pyramids Of The Sun And The Moon

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend 10 days in and around Mexico City. The first half of our trip included visits to various holy sites and churches, ample time at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and a couple opportunities to be immersed in the culture and history of Mexico. […]

What is Holy Abandonment and why is it so difficult? Surrendering and trusting in God's plan is hard, but here are so tips to help

What Is Holy Abandonment And Why Is It So Difficult?

Have you ever struggled to fully comprehend the concept of “holy abandonment” when it is discussed? I have personally experienced this, and even though I understand it better now, I still find it challenging to put it into practice. The idea of surrendering one’s will and desires to God can be daunting. It requires a […]

why go to daily mass

6 Things That Happen When You Go To Daily Mass

“You are what you eat.” This popular phrase is usually related to eating healthy food, but some have raised the question as to whether this applies to eating the Body and Blood of Christ[JR1] . When I first heard someone connect the two several years ago, I wondered if it was truly possible to become […]

AI or Bible Catholic quiz

Is It AI (Artificial Intelligence) Or A Verse From The Bible? Take our QUIZ!

In this digital age, where information is readily accessible at our fingertips, we are faced with a new challenge: discerning the truth amidst the vast sea of online content. As a Catholic, our faith calls us to seek truth and embrace it. However, we must recognize that the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has introduced […]

Catholic memorial day

Memorial Day: Uniting Both Faith And Patriotism

Whether a person dies in combat or survives for years after their retirement from service, serving in the military leaves a mark on a soldier, airman, or sailor. It is likely one of the few careers that leaves one with a distinguished title – veteran. Too often on Memorial Day, the true purpose of the […]

A Million Miles Away Catholic Review

“A Million Miles Away” Inspires With a 5-Ingredient Recipe For Success

Amazon Prime has released a new inspiring movie, A Million Miles Away, inspired by Jose Hernandez’s life. The opening minutes of the movie tell the early life story of Jose Hernandez, the son of migrant farming parents who were constantly on the move in order to work the land. A teacher of Jose became concerned for him because he […]

How do you know if you are going through what St. John of the Cross described as a dark night of the soul? A few things to look for

Are You Experiencing A Dark Night Of The Soul? Here’s How To Tell

Who is St. John of the Cross? St. John of the Cross was a Spanish Catholic who was born in 1542 amidst the throws of the Protestant Reformation. He was a major figure in the Catholic Counter-Reformation and would later be named a Doctor of the Church. He was a priest, mystic, and Carmelite who […]

How do we find joy in the struggle of life? Fr. Bryce provides insight and encouragement as he teaches the Catholic Cowboy Way

Finding Joy In Times Of Struggle

When my grandma turned 91, I remember her saying: “You can find joy in all stages of life.” That’s always stuck with me. I know it to be true in regards to getting older, but I also believe it to be true in relationship to the world: You can find joy in all circumstances of […]

catholic fasting

Strengthen Your Will— Fast

Is there something wrong with your life? Maybe something is missing. Maybe you’re depressed. Maybe you’re overwhelmed. Maybe you’re trapped by compulsive behavior. Maybe there’s a particular sin you haven’t been able to overcome no matter how hard you’ve tried? Maybe you’re in a state of despair because you think nothing will ever change? Whatever […]

suffering joy Catholic

How I Find True Joy In Difficult Times: Insights From A Catholic

Our Catholic faith is an absolute treasure trove of wisdom that I truly believe is deeper and greater than any human suffering, no matter how intense and unbearable. So if nothing you’re about to read appeals to you – keep digging through the treasure, my friend, until you find something that does. And then, perhaps […]

The film, The Pale Blue Eye, opens with this line from the famous poet, Edgar Allan Poe

The Pale Blue Eye: A Light In The Darkness

The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?  – Edgar Allan Poe The film, The Pale Blue Eye, opens with this line from the famous poet, Edgar Allan Poe. It is a fictional story of Augustine Landor, a retired […]

What if both of my options are good choices? How will I know what God wants me to do? When none of our options are objectively bad, how do

How Do I Know What God’s Will Is When Both Choices Are Good Things?

Every day, we face numerous choices, many of eternal consequences.  When our hearts and minds are ordered toward God, these choices are usually between two goods.  We could read to our children, or pray the rosary.   We could spend Saturday afternoon serving at the soup kitchen, or go to confession.   We could go […]

What happens when a Catholic priest gives you a blessing? Here are 5 spiritual and temporal blessings that might occur!

What Happens When A Person Is Blessed By A Priest? 5 Spiritual & Temporal Benefits

Sacramentals are powerful sacred signs and an indispensable means of grace. Through them, the liberation from evil and the healing of sicknesses (including psychological disorders) can occur and conversions may happen. Sacramentals can help to overcome multiple difficulties in life, providing a manifold help on the way to God. The blessing of persons is an […]

St. Ambrose bees quotes bishop

St. Ambrose And The Legend Of A Bizarre Encounter With Bees

Living in the 4th century A.D., St. Ambrose was bishop of Milan during a tumultuous era of Church history. His road to ordination was an interesting journey. The sudden death of the current bishop of Milan in 374 A.D. left the bishop’s seat open amid the climate of the Arian heresy. Ambrose, an unbaptized believer […]

Pope Benedict XVI life Doctor of the Church

Is Pope Benedict XVI A Future Doctor Of The Church?

Today we mourn the loss of Pope Benedict XVI, a holy man of God who lived the faith well. May he rest in the arms of God for eternity! Read more about his life and be inspired by his legacy. Pope Benedict XVI Dies At The Age Of 95 Who Was Pope Benedict XVI? Long […]


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Prayer For The Unborn

Pray for the Unborn Please God you may continue, closely united with one another, to be a force of renewal and hope in our society. May the Lord help you to work ceaselessly to enable all, believers and non-believers alike, to understand that protection of human life...

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St. Maximilian Kolbe

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