Simple (And Creative!) Things To Do To Make The Best Of Lent!

Simple (And Creative!) Things To Do To Make The Best Of Lent!


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QUIZ: What Should You Give Up For Lent?

QUIZ: What Should You Do For Lent?

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Good Friday Video Jesus' Last Day And The Temptation Of Peter

Jesus’ Last Day And The Temptation Of Peter

Pope Francis has reminded us of a fundamental truth: there is no Christianity without the Cross. Daily, we are presented with the temptation of St. Peter: Lord, “I will follow you, but let us not speak of the Cross; I will follow you on other terms, but without the Cross.” Consequently, when we live with […]

Unleashing Glory Through Discipline And Creativity

Unleashing Glory Through Discipline And Creativity

In this Lenten series, Father Ian VanHeusen gives us a weekly spiritual exercise based on the Sunday Readings to help us grow in our relationship with the Lord. What is a Spiritual Exercise, you ask? St. Ignatius of Loyola writes, “By the term “Spiritual Exercises” is meant every method of examination of conscience, of meditation, […]

A Lot Can Happen In Just 3 Days | Good Friday

A Lot Can Happen In Just 3 Days | Good Friday Quote

A Lot Can Happen In Just 3 Days | Good Friday Good Friday Resources Related content: 25 Things You Can Do On Good Friday To Remember Christ’s Sacrifice Good Friday Explained Through 20 Images Of The Crucifixion Mount Calvary Is The Academy Of Love | Good Friday God’s Eternal Love Wins Always | Pope Francis […]

Evangelize in Holy week (c) Mazur/

Take A Friend To Church This Holy Week: It Could Change Their Life

Each year during Holy Week, we celebrate the most fundamental aspects of our Catholic faith. We remember the love of God, the sacrifice of His Son Jesus for our sake, the institution of the Eucharist, etc. Perhaps most importantly, we rejoice at the end of Holy Week when Jesus, who died, rises from the dead, […]


Having Trouble With Your Lenten Fast? Advice From A Saint

…What can you do to strengthen your resolutions and make them succeed? There is no better means than to put them into practice. But you say that you are still so weak that, although you often make strong resolutions not to fall into the particular imperfection of which you want to cure yourself, no sooner […]

The Wounds Of Jesus Cross Lent

The Wounds Of Jesus |

The Wounds Of Jesus   More Lent Resources Related content: If God Isn’t Your Pilot | Images 5 tips for Handling Criticism | Infographic Do Not Abandon Jesus | Catholic-Link Images Infographic: Jesus And The Liturgical Year Jesus Came To Pay A Debt He Did Not Owe God Is Closer Than You Think! […]

Gospel Reflection Catholic

2nd Sunday Of Lent | On The Mountain

On this second Sunday in lent we talk about aversion to climbing the mountain. When we make it to the top, we also don’t want to leave. We don’t like the cross, nor do we like the climb of exercising virtue to get up the mountain. We are to go as the Lord directs us, […]

last words of christ

Do You Know The 7 Final Messages Of Christ On The Cross?

There is so much to think about and reflect on during Holy Week that it can be overwhelming to know where to begin.   One meditation that I have found to help draw me deeper into contemplating the Passion is the tradition of studying the 7 Last Words of Christ. More than words, these are […]

At The Foot Of The Cross

Mary Stands At The Foot Of The Cross

Mary Stands At The Foot Of The Cross   More Resources On Mary, The Mother Of God Related content: Litany Of The Immaculate Heart Of Mary Have You Not Been Taking Care of Your Relationship with Mary? Pope Francis Explains Why You Should! Discovering Mary In The Triduum, Easter, And Beyond Symbols Of The Immaculate […]

Lent Holy Week Lanky Guys

Online Conference: How To Let Holy Week Transform Your Life

Are you looking for a way to end Lent on a great note and welcome the Easter season with Joy? The Lanky Guys will take us on a journey through Holy Week, unpacking the Scriptures and walking with us along the steps of the Apostles to see what they saw. Even for those of us who have […]



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What Is The Miraculous Medal?

What Is The Miraculous Medal?

“O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.”Prayer of the Miraculous Medal What Is The Miraculous Medal? The Catechism of the Catholic Church tells us: “Sacramentals are sacred signs instituted by the Church. They prepare men to receive...