Lent According To Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Lent According To Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI


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What are the Holy Days of Obligation in 2022 for Catholics

2022 Holy Days Of Obligation In The Catholic Church (United States)

2022 Holy Days Of Obligation In 2022, the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God falls on a Saturday and the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is on a Monday so they are not considered Holy Days of Obligation in the United States. Remember, Catholics should attend Mass every Sunday! Ascension of Jesus | May […]

Catholic guide to fasting resources Lent

Struggling With Fasting? These Resources Will Help

Fasting is a powerful and beautiful way of living out penance and self-denial, both important aspects of the Christian life. Scripture affirms the importance of this form of sacrifice and prayer, “Even now,” declares the Lord, “return to me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping and mourning.” (Joel 2:12) But, it can be difficult. These resources […]

Mount Calvary Is The Academy Of Love | Good Friday

Mount Calvary Is The Academy Of Love | Good Friday

Mount Calvary Is The Academy Of Love | Good Friday   More Good Friday Resources     Related content: 25 Things You Can Do On Good Friday To Remember Christ’s Sacrifice Good Friday Explained Through 20 Images Of The Crucifixion What Does True Love Really Look Like? A Lot Can Happen In Just 3 Days […]

Do You Not Love Me In The Blessed Sacrament?

But our Lord could say to us: “You have loved Me on Calvary because there I washed away your sins. You have loved Me in the Crib because there I was meek and lovable. Why then do you not love Me in the Blessed Sacrament where I am always with you? You have only to […]

Holy Week Catholic Families Tips

5 Triduum Traditions To Help Your Family Celebrate Holy Week

In Holy Week, the Catholic Church invites us to experience the most critical moments in history. In the business of daily life, the repetitive nature of the liturgical calendar, and the extended season of Lent, it’s easy to miss the power of these days. If you are looking for ideas on how to bring this […]

3 Ways To Be Intentional This Lent Habits for Holiness with Fr. Mark-Mary Ames of the CF

3 Ways To Be Intentional This Lent

We are in Lent – a season of renewal, a season of “leaning in,” a season of surrendering more and more. Lent is a sacred and beautiful season. What I’d like to propose is that Lent is a great time to focus on “living intentionally” – essentially “living on purpose.” It’s living every day according […]

How To Give Alms This Lent Catholic

How To Give Alms This Lent

How To Give Alms This Lent Catholic More Lent Resources Related content: QUIZ: What Should You Give Up For Lent? Lent Isn’t Meant To Be Sweet: A Guide To Deciding What To Give Up This Lent Give Up Indifference And Start Caring 12 “Pope Quotes” To Reflect On As We Approach Mid-Lent Learn To Rely […]

Catholic Events March Catholic March Feast Days

Mark Your Calendar: March Is Dedicated To St. Joseph

Did you know that each month has a traditional Catholic devotion? This year, let’s focus on each devotion month-by-month to grow in our faith and traditions! Make yourself notes, write it on your calendar, and pray a specific prayer each day of the month to remember. You could use a prayer already associated with the […]

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Pope’s Intentions For 2022

Pope’s Intentions For 2022

What does Pope Francis want us to pray for in 2022? Here is a list of the Holy Father's monthly intentions for this year! Pope's Intentions For 2022 These prayers were found on the USCCB's website HERE. Learn more about how to pray with Pope Francis HERE.

What Is Internal Peace?

What Is Internal Peace?

Interior peace is of two kinds: one in the heart or will and the other in the mind or intellect. They are closely connected but they are not the same. Peace of heart for the believing Christian is the absence of conflict between his will and that of others and...