7 Tips For Your Conversion Process

7 Tips For Your Conversion Process 


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The More You Grow the More the Bible Grows with You

The bible was composed in such a way that as beginners mature, its meaning grows with them. – Confessions Related content: Love Grows When It Is Shared | Antoine De Saint-Exupéry 8 Bible Verses That Remind Us How Much God Loves Us What is the True Source of Beauty? 8 Bible Verses To Encourage Your […]

How to do Lent Spiritual Resources for Catholics

QUIZ: What Should You Do For Lent?

Every year without fail all things Lent appeal to me. The books, the retreats, the daily emails, the texts… Inevitably, I sign-up for everything and buy at least a few books. I have this desire to soak up all the spiritual resources that I can find. But, you probably know what happens. The first few […]

What Is Advent? Fun Animation That Drives The Meaning Home!

What Is Advent? Fun Animation That Drives The Meaning Home!

A fun and animated video that presents two very different views of what the Advent season is all about. It was released by  Xt3.com. As always, I encourage that when we see these videos, we watch them not just for ourselves, rather that we understand them as an authentic way of doing apostolate to others too. Speaking […]


In Spiritual Birth, We are Our Own Parents: It Depends on Our Decision

Here [in the spiritual realm] birth is not the result of intervention from outside, as happens with bodily creatures who reproduce in an external way. Spiritual birth is the result of free choice and we are thus, in a sense, our own parents, creating ourselves as we want to be, freely fashioning ourselves according to […]

christmas meaning catholic authentic quotes

To Avoid Being A Christmas Hypocrite We Must Do More Than Decorate, Bake, and Sing

Today’s video reveals the inner match that goes on between the “religiously-correct” speeches that we give and the reality that we live. “The authenticity of our faith is always being tested, especially during Christmas. It’s not just our words that matter. It’s our genuine responses and actions that also speak to whether our faith is […]

Gospel Reflection Catholic

Liturgy Live Most Holy Trinity | Conversion is the Way

Our world is in chaos, and we are in need of hope. Conversion of heart to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and reception of the Sacraments and living a moral life is the only way forward. What a controversial statement. We believe that Christ is the Way. Christ told us Himself, He is the […]

3 Conversion Stories That Encourage You Not To Give Up On Your Atheist Friends

3 Conversion Stories That Encourage You To Never Give Up On Your Atheist Friends

The Proclamation of Easter has one of the greatest expressions that help us understand our faith: “O happy fault.” To all of us who have had a “Before Christ” past, these three words show that, despite not having always done right, God’s love is greater than our faults. A fundamental requirement to getting closer to […]

catholic God abandon suffering

This Short Film Showed Me That Even When I feel Abandoned, God Is There

When we go through moments of pain and difficulty, it is easy to blame God or feel abandoned by Him, so in this post, I want to talk about those moments in which pain makes us feel confused. When I was about seven years old, I was playing at home, running, until I fell down […]


The Lord Waits for Us To Respond Day By Day. Every Day is a Chance for Life

The Lord waits for us to respond day by day to his holy counsels by our actions. In fact the days of this life are given us as a respite to correct our errors, as the Apostle Paul says: ‘Do you not know that God’s kindness is meant to lead you to repentance?’ (Romans i..4). […]

“I killed a human being.” – A Mother Reflects On Her Abortion

When I found this video, I couldn’t help but be impressed. The first thing that I thought about was the courage of this young girl, the pain in her eyes, and the directness and clarity with which she conveyed her message. It is a message that, I believe, will save many lives. For this, I […]


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