How To Convert A Generation

“Each generation is converted by the saint who contradicts it most.”

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Rediscovering Metanoia And Our Salvation

Jesus calls his disciples to “Repent, and believe in the Gospel” in order to attain salvation in the kingdom of God (see Mk 1:15). But what is repentance (metanoia in Greek) and why is it necessary for salvation? These questions lead us to the very heart of the Eternal Covenant that God established in Christ. […]

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What Parents Can Learn From The Saint Who Converted Her Son With Her Tears

As she traveled through life with her wayward son Augustine in the 4th Century, St. Monica came upon many road signs pointing the way forward. Eventually, she came to a crossroad and needed heaven’s help to decide her next move. That turn of direction eventually helped lead her son home, and offers a profound witness to […]

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Liturgy Live Most Holy Trinity | Conversion is the Way

Our world is in chaos, and we are in need of hope. Conversion of heart to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and reception of the Sacraments and living a moral life is the only way forward. What a controversial statement. We believe that Christ is the Way. Christ told us Himself, He is the […]

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5 Joys Of Preparing RCIA Candidates

What is RCIA? What are the Steps? For the past few decades, the normal way for an unbaptized non-Catholic to enter the Catholic Church is the RCIA process. This stands for the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. There is an entire book of the Church (aptly named “RCIA”) which walks a catechist through the […]

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The Path of Suffering | Liturgy Live Palm Sunday

This week on the podcast we go over the entrance into Jerusalem and the problem of suffering in our faith life. How our Baptism, or conversion, is a joyful entrance in to the life of faith, but it is the suffering of the cross that is our path to unity with God. In the reading […]

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Encounter Conversion Mission | Liturgy Live 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Paul, Apostle Of Christ, The Heart Of The Story

Ever think of St. Paul and said to yourself, “I could never be like him…”? “Paul, the Apostle of Christ: the Heart of the Story” looks to prove you wrong: no one is beyond God’s grace. The people that go out and watch this are going to say: Wow! They were sinners just like me. […]

Catholic Christmas Bible Study

4 Ways To Allow Christ To Be Born In Your Heart This Christmas

Christmas is a time where we are invited to open our hearts up to Christ, a time to allow Him to be born within us. Today’s video looks at offering you 4 ways to embrace this invitation. We invite you to watch Father’s video, then prayerfully read the Gospel and reflection. We pray that this […]


6 Historical & Theological Arguments To Get An Evangelical Thinking

Ecumenism is the movement and attitude by which we dialogue with other Christians so that they might, through prayer and mutual comprehension, come back to or come into the Catholic Church. Christ wanted for us to be one, as He and the Father are one. The mistake that sin introduced into our existence has caused […]


This is What Receiving 5,000 Communions Looks Like

Let me tell you about this guy who works at my office. His name is Bryan and he’s definitely one of my favorite Catholics alive today. He’s a convert to the Catholic Faith and for the last 14 years of his life he’s been cataloging every Communion he’s received. As the story goes, in the […]


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