How To Convert A Generation

“Each generation is converted by the saint who contradicts it most.”

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Rediscovering Metanoia And Our Salvation

Jesus calls his disciples to “Repent, and believe in the Gospel” in order to attain salvation in the kingdom of God (see Mk 1:15). But what is repentance (metanoia in Greek) and why is it necessary for salvation? These questions lead us to the very heart of the Eternal Covenant that God established in Christ. […]

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What Parents Can Learn From The Saint Who Converted Her Son With Her Tears

As she traveled through life with her wayward son Augustine in the 4th Century, St. Monica came upon many road signs pointing the way forward. Eventually, she came to a crossroad and needed heaven’s help to decide her next move. That turn of direction eventually helped lead her son home, and offers a profound witness to […]

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Liturgy Live Most Holy Trinity | Conversion is the Way

Our world is in chaos, and we are in need of hope. Conversion of heart to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and reception of the Sacraments and living a moral life is the only way forward. What a controversial statement. We believe that Christ is the Way. Christ told us Himself, He is the […]

RCIA Catholic Prep

5 Joys Of Preparing RCIA Candidates

What is RCIA? What are the Steps? For the past few decades, the normal way for an unbaptized non-Catholic to enter the Catholic Church is the RCIA process. This stands for the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. There is an entire book of the Church (aptly named “RCIA”) which walks a catechist through the […]

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The Path of Suffering | Liturgy Live Palm Sunday

This week on the podcast we go over the entrance into Jerusalem and the problem of suffering in our faith life. How our Baptism, or conversion, is a joyful entrance in to the life of faith, but it is the suffering of the cross that is our path to unity with God. In the reading […]

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Encounter Conversion Mission | Liturgy Live 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Paul, Apostle Of Christ, The Heart Of The Story

Ever think of St. Paul and said to yourself, “I could never be like him…”? “Paul, the Apostle of Christ: the Heart of the Story” looks to prove you wrong: no one is beyond God’s grace. The people that go out and watch this are going to say: Wow! They were sinners just like me. […]

Catholic Christmas Bible Study

4 Ways To Allow Christ To Be Born In Your Heart This Christmas

Christmas is a time where we are invited to open our hearts up to Christ, a time to allow Him to be born within us. Today’s video looks at offering you 4 ways to embrace this invitation. We invite you to watch Father’s video, then prayerfully read the Gospel and reflection. We pray that this […]


6 Historical & Theological Arguments To Get An Evangelical Thinking

Ecumenism is the movement and attitude by which we dialogue with other Christians so that they might, through prayer and mutual comprehension, come back to or come into the Catholic Church. Christ wanted for us to be one, as He and the Father are one. The mistake that sin introduced into our existence has caused […]


This is What Receiving 5,000 Communions Looks Like

Let me tell you about this guy who works at my office. His name is Bryan and he’s definitely one of my favorite Catholics alive today. He’s a convert to the Catholic Faith and for the last 14 years of his life he’s been cataloging every Communion he’s received. As the story goes, in the […]

mark wahlberg forgiveness catholic conversion

Mark Wahlberg Prays God Will Forgive Him For His Past Movie Roles

Catholic-Link has written a few posts on Mark Wahlberg and his conversion to Catholicism, but each time we share them we undoubtedly get comments about his past movie roles. The actor has starred in films that don’t align with his Catholic moral values, such as his role as a porn star in “Boogie Nights.” “I […]

3 Conversion Stories That Encourage You Not To Give Up On Your Atheist Friends

3 Conversion Stories That Encourage You To Never Give Up On Your Atheist Friends

The Proclamation of Easter has one of the greatest expressions that help us understand our faith: “O happy fault.” To all of us who have had a “Before Christ” past, these three words show that, despite not having always done right, God’s love is greater than our faults. A fundamental requirement to getting closer to […]

St. Teresa Benedicta quotes

Champion Of The Feminine, Martyr Of Auschwitz: 18 Beautiful Quotes From St. Teresa Benedicta Of The Cross

St. Teresa Benedicta. Do you know her? You ought to. Edith Stein was born in 1891 in Germany, the youngest of 11 children. She was raised Jewish but fell away from the faith and all belief in God as a teen. Highly gifted, Stein grew up to obtain her doctorate in philosophy, studying under the […]


Two Ex-Muslims Who Risked Everything, Lost Much, and Gained Christ

Islam and Christianity. How do we begin to talk about this elephant in the room? On the one hand, Islamist persecution of Christians is a plague in places like Iraq, parts of Africa, Marawi City in the Philippines, and elsewhere. We must pray more ardently than ever for our suffering brothers and sisters in Christ. […]


Advice For The Convert: 12 Things To Consider During The Conversion Process

Maybe you’ve attended a course, a retreat, or a workshop; maybe you’ve had an awakening experience through prayer, or a dialogue that stirred in you a profound desire for conversion and to follow Christ in the Church He founded (the Catholic Church). Maybe you are excited and hopeful to build a new and better world, […]


Does a “No Convert” Rule Work with Your Evangelical Friends?

Have you ever had a friend who has tried to convert you to their religion? They start slowly at first with slight hints and ambiguous invitations to events: “Oh, other denominations will be there” but it escalates to something that could be uncomfortable for both parties involved. You wear your faith like the air you […]

Why should you be skeptical about being Catholic

10 Reasons You Should Be Skeptical About Becoming Catholic

Are you considering becoming a Catholic? Are you thinking about taking your Catholic life seriously, if you had neglected it? I do not know if converting to Catholicism is a good idea. If I was you, I would think it carefully before taking the next step. Catholicism is not a “well-being club.” To be Catholic […]

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Why Do People Become Catholic? 11 Powerful Stories of Conversion

So why would an atheist, abortion worker or drug addict decide to become Catholic? These 11 Catholics share the stories of their conversions. Stories of those who have converted to Catholicism inspire us and renew our own passion for the faith.  The men and women whose stories we feature today come from diverse backgrounds.  Whether […]

Saint Josemaria_Escriva_Quotes

Be Ready To Begin Again | St. Josemaria Escriva Quote

“Since our first conscious decision really to follow the teaching of Christ, we have no doubt made good progress along the way of faithfulness to his word. And yet isn’t it true that there is still much to be done? Isn’t it true, particularly, that there is still so much pride in us? We need, […]

St. Augustine Best Quotes

Too Late Did I Love You! (St. Augustine)

“Too late did I love You! For behold, You were within, and I without, and there did I seek You; I, unlovely, rushed heedlessly among the things of beauty You made. You were with me, but I was not with You. Those things kept me far from You, which, unless they were in You, were […]

dorothy Day Catholic Saint biography and quotes

What Makes A Saint Tick? : Lessons from the heart of Dorothy Day

In his apostolic visit to the United States, Pope Francis mentioned several people who, through hard work and sacrifice, have been able to build a better future. People who, “shaped fundamental values which will endure forever in the spirit of the American people.”  True cultural game-changers. Among the names that he mentioned is the controversial […]

Watch Mark Wahlberg Ask the Pope's Forgiveness for Starring in 'Ted'

Watch Mark Wahlberg Ask The Pope’s Forgiveness For Starring In ‘Ted’

Will God have a sense of humor when it comes to Mark Wahlberg’s performance in the movies Ted and Ted 2? While we can’t answer that, we do know that God will have mercy on anyone who is truly repentant of his sins and wrongdoing.   Whalberg took the opportunity to ask for the Holy Father’s forgiveness […]

good person The World's Search For Meaning... What’s Your Why? Finding Motivation Behind What We Do

What’s Your Why? Finding Motivation Behind What We Do

As the Church settles into the season of Lent, this video serves as a good reminder to evaluate not only what we have committed to, but why we are doing it. As the season goes on, some of that energy might wear off, and we might find ourselves second-guessing our resolutions, or wishing that Easter […]

lent 25 Simple Things You Can Do This Lent To Grow Closer To Christ

25 Simple Things You Can Do This Lent To Grow Closer To Christ

This week we will begin the Lenten season. It is a beautiful time to grow in closeness to God and to others. This time can, if we are willing to cooperate, be 40 days of immense spiritual and personal growth. While the specific penances we choose are not ultimately our focus – in the end, it is […]


The Gangster Who Died and Came Back to Life

There’s a certain extra potency when the radical message of the Gospel – the good news – comes from someone with a story like John Pridmore’s, a man who was once so rotten – so dead – that his rescue was truly as dramatic as a last-ditch heart defibrillation. I will give you a new […]


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A Martyr’s Prayer | St. Polycarp

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