10 Weapons You Need To Win The Battle For Purity

10 Weapons You Need To Win The Battle For Purity

Infographic: 10 weapons to win the battle for purity

Source: http://catholicexchange.com/10-ways-to-win-the-battle-for-purity

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How can I help my Catholic daughter through puberty? This resource will guide you in encouraging your daughter to bloom during these years

How To Help Your Catholic Daughter Through Puberty: Cultivate The Soul Of Her Heart So She Will Bloom

As the snow and icy wind begin to die down and melt into the sunny warmth of spring, I can’t help but get excited about the gardening season! Not only do I love the sprouts of green interrupting the once white and brown landscape, but I also love the sacredness of cultivating my yard and […]

When do kids need to start learning about the Theology of the Body? You'll be shocked by this answer. Catholic parents start as soon as child

When Should Parents Start Teaching Theology Of The Body To Their Children?

Parents often wonder when they should begin teaching the Theology of the Body (TOB) to their children…the answer is: In the womb! Yes, that means talking to your unborn child who begins to hear and recognize voices—your body matters to the unborn child.  “The Body Matters” That phrase, “The Body Matters” ought to be on […]

catholic dating

Help! Is A Healthy Dating Relationship Even Possible Anymore?!

Dating is easy today, right? Hardly. It’s never been easy; but especially in a social media world—and after the pandemic, nothing can be taken for granted.  This is literally uncharted territory. And yet, human nature remains fundamentally the same in so many ways.  So, can Christian principles of virtuous living still speak to our current […]

How do Catholic parents talk to their teens about pornography? We have resources in today's article that will help

How To Talk To Your Teen About Pornography

Imagine this: You stand outside your teen’s bedroom door. You knock a few times and there’s no answer. A few moments pass by and you knock again. All is quiet. You make an executive decision to enter the room. As the door opens, you find your teenager sitting down with the headphones on, facing the […]

NFP Catholic Love

NFP And The Deconstruction Of Love

One of the best things about the Catholic Church (which of course, there are many, many things) is the communion of saints.  The wisdom and holiness of the men and women who have gone before us can guide us toward the light that is Christ.  There are few areas of our faith life that we […]

NFP Catholic Natural FAmily Planning

The Sweet And Sour Of NFP (Natural Family Planning)

It doesn’t take long when first discovering the world of natural family planning to realize that most couples have a love/hate relationship with NFP.  The reasons to love it are obvious and the reasons to hate it are obvious.  It is a strange mix of sweet and sour that many couples struggle to find the […]

Catholic dating advice chastity

3 Ways To Grow In Chastity Before Marriage

Chaste dating is no walk in the park, but it is possible. We’ve been in relationships in the past that were unchaste and ended very badly. When we started courting, we didn’t want to repeat the same habits from our past relationships, so we had to do things differently.  But even so, this was not […]

modest is hottest matthew west catholic

Christian Singer Gets Slammed For “Modest Is Hottest” Song…Your Thoughts?

Contemporary Christian artist Matthew West (known for songs “Hello My Name Is” and “Happy“) released a song titled “Modest Is Hottest” on June 18 that has received both criticism and support. The father of two daughters shared the intention behind his new song on his social media accounts. As a dad raising daughters, this song is […]

Catholic purity tips men chastity Forged

5 Essential Tips For Young Adult Men To Live A Pure Life

What Is Sex For? Catholic

What Is Sex For?

What is the purpose of intimacy? This question is at the heart of the video “Theology of the Body (Catholic Sexuality). The Church’s teaching about sex is a topic that probably garners the most attention in today’s culture. Why? Because the idea of waiting until marriage to have sex is countercultural. The idea of limiting […]

same-sex attraction 12 Essential Keys To Help Catholics Understand Same-Sex Attraction

12 Essential Keys To Help Christians Understand Same-Sex Attraction

Let’s start out by saying that when we talk about same-sex attraction, what’s important is acceptance and tolerance. We aren’t talking about “tolerating” others as if there was a fundamental distinction between them and us. We are only talking about us. For those who have same-sex attractions, we don’t tolerate you, we don’t accept you. […]

catholic contraceptives catholic birth control

Pro-Lifers: Contraception Isn’t The Answer You’re Looking For

Some pro-lifers believe contraceptives are a necessary tool for helping prevent abortions. To many, it seems logical. Contraceptives prevent unwanted pregnancies. No unwanted pregnancies mean no abortions. Therefore, many people believe contraception is the answer to our problem. However, this issue is more complicated than many people realize, and I would like to share my […]

catholic response Kanye Jimmy Kimmel pornography

Is Jimmy Kimmel’s Reaction to Kanye’s Porn Habit How Most Catholics Would Respond?

I’m completely shocked and saddened by this viral interview that took place on Jimmy Kimmel Live! a few nights ago and resulted in Pornhub giving Kanye West a lifetime membership to the site. What shook me the most is not so much Kanye freely admitting that he watches porn or even the audience erupting in applause and […]

Big Catholic families

A Big List Of Saints From Big Families

When I’m out and about running errands with my children, it’s inevitable that someone will comment on the size of my family. Are they all yours? Were you trying for the girl? My, you’ve got your hands full! And, my personal favorite, you do know how that happens, right? The thing that I find most amusing […]

catholic dating catholic marriage catholic relationship advice

Is Waiting For “The One” Really Worth It?

Today’s society makes us doubt that finding a well-rounded, virtuous, faithful, Christ-like spouse is possible. As the popularity of one-night-stands increases, both women and men are left wondering if anyone exists who will see them and treat them as a child of the One True King. Elly and Brendan started to wonder the same thing […]

catholic review Lady Bird evangelism

How “Lady Bird” Forever Changed Who I Invite To Retreats

I’m always wary of watching things that Hollywood puts out that involve elements of the Catholic Church. I prepare myself for insults and total misconceptions of the truth, beauty, and goodness that the Church is and has to offer. So as I watched the trailer of Lady Bird for the first time, my immediate reaction […]

chaste marriage 6 Points To Help You Understand How To Live A Chaste Marriage

6 Points To Help You Understand How To Live A Chaste Marriage

When I was dating and engaged, I often wondered what chastity in marriage looked like. Having just celebrated my fourth wedding anniversary with my dear husband, and also having counseled couples in a faith-based therapy setting, here are a handful of takeaways that I’ve gathered so far. It’s not an exhaustive list, but I do […]

detox soul A Step By Step Guide To Detoxing Your Soul | Catholic-Link.org

A Step By Step Guide To Detoxing Your Soul

Many of us would sooner eat a kale smoothie than go to Confession. Why? Because we value physical health, the kind of health that everyone can see, over spiritual health, which often involves admitting we did something wrong and need to change our habits or attitude. It seems like more and more people on social […]

Did God Make Me Gay Catholic

Does God Make People Gay? A Priest Responds

Does God make people gay? Due to some comments allegedly made by Pope Francis, this question is on many people’s minds. Is our sexual attraction determined even before birth by our Creator or is it something we choose as a result of life’s circumstances? Many theologians and religious leaders are responding. There may be a vast array of opinions […]

Catholic Chastity Within Marriage | Part 2: Living Conjugal Chastity

Chastity Within Marriage | Part 2: Living Conjugal Chastity

Authentic sexual expression is always rooted in two purposes: procreative and unitive. The procreative aspect of sex is the couple’s openness to life. The unitive is the fulfillment of the one-flesh union of man and woman within the context of marriage. If the procreative or unitive act is ever removed from the context of the […]

Chastity in marriage part 1 couple

Chastity Within Marriage | Part 1: Laying The Groundwork

We hear a lot about what it means to be chaste before marriage, but what about when you are married? In this two-part series, we will take a look at the important points of purity within marriage. If you are married or preparing for marriage, we hope this series blesses you. Our Desires Never Go […]


Green Sex: What is it? (And Why We All Should Care!)

Healthier and more holistic approaches to lifestyle and diet abound. Diet fads come and go, certainly, but a steadily increasing demand for ‘organic’ products is evidence that as a consumer base we’re looking for healthier and less processed food and lifestyle to go along with it. Added to this are an increase in a natural […]

how to find a godly man catholic

Want To Marry A Man Who Loves God? Do This 1 Thing Now!

The Culture Project has been producing some amazing videos that answer the questions so many of us have about relationships, chastity, and learning to accept yourself. The video featured today contains practical advice for those who are waiting on a man who loves God. The cultural attitudes of this generation of young adults can make it […]


Top 5 Myths About Catholic Virgins

Living a life of chastity is probably one of the most challenging calls of Catholic disciples today! There are so many myths regarding what it means to be a virgin – and what it means to simply be a person who embraces a life of chastity. Since chastity is quite counter-cultural in the world today, […]

Catholic How Far Is Too Far? Straight Answers To Teens' Toughest Questions On Dating And Sex

How Far Is Too Far? Answers To Teens’ Toughest Questions On Dating And Sex

In this high school assembly, Jason Evert and Crystalina Padilla (not yet married at the time) offer straight answers to teens’ toughest questions on dating, relationships, and how to have romance without regret. Through their humor, honesty, and powerful testimonies, the duo provides compelling reasons to pursue a life of purity, regardless of one’s past. […]


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