10 Weapons You Need To Win The Battle For Purity

10 Weapons You Need To Win The Battle For Purity

Infographic: 10 weapons to win the battle for purity

Source: http://catholicexchange.com/10-ways-to-win-the-battle-for-purity

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Why live chastity? “Romance without Regret”

This is a talk given by Jason and Crystalline Evert. Both are full-time apologists with Catholic Answers and here they are giving a chastity seminar called “Romance without regret.”  It is a fun, compelling, and to-the-point presentation. Highly recommendable for all, especially high-school age. For more, I found a few websites: http://www.chastity.com/ http://shop.catholic.com/home.php Related content: How Far Is […]

Star System Sexual Virtue catholic beauty culture image worth

This Animation Shows How Quickly The Culture Destroys Women

This insightful animation from Moondog Animation Studios is a part of the Willy Grunch series. Willy Grunch “is a carefree philosophizing poet happily stumbling through life… He’s not so different than everybody else, but we get to laugh at our own misery at his expense,” and the artists behind this series hope to reach the […]

"But I say unto you, that everyone who looks upon a woman to lust after her has already committed adultery with her in his heart." (Mt 5:28).

The Leering Look: A Harmless Glance?

Made by Whistling Woods International, the 90-second ad shows men leering at the sight of a beautiful woman.  The video’s description speaks of “Women Empowerment” and about the need to “eradicate gender inequality”. Evidently, one must be careful in using such terms as they come with ideologies included. I would rather speak of reverence and […]

same-sex attraction 12 Essential Keys To Help Catholics Understand Same-Sex Attraction

12 Essential Keys To Help Christians Understand Same-Sex Attraction

Let’s start out by saying that when we talk about same-sex attraction, what’s important is acceptance and tolerance. We aren’t talking about “tolerating” others as if there was a fundamental distinction between them and us. We are only talking about us. For those who have same-sex attractions, we don’t tolerate you, we don’t accept you. […]

advice I Am Not That Girl: A Letter Of Advice To My 16-Year-Old-Self

I Am Not That Girl: A Letter Of Advice To My 16-Year-Old-Self

There is a lot of well-founded emotion in this Buzzfeed spoken-word video “I Am Not That Girl”. There is honesty, and not a trace of self-pity as the narrator says: “having a lack of male attention in this world is seen as an abnormality, is seen as less than womanly. I am always forced to […]

pornography The Side Effect Of Pornography That No One Talks About

The Side Effect Of Pornography That No One Talks About

Most people are aware that pornography brings with it –even from a purely secular point of view– some seriously negative results. Many are calling it “the new drug.” The number of ruptured families, relationships, and personal lives should give sufficient proof of its disastrous nature. That said, today I would like to share an interesting […]

contraception NFP Benefits

The Surprising Benefits of Using NFP

It has been extremely difficult to find videos which cover contraception and family planning from a Catholic perspective. However, it seems that we at Catholic-Link are not the only people to have noticed the lack of resources in this area, and this short video was the winner of the Goodness Reigns video mini-contest on Natural […]


A Mother’s Letter to her Daughter who is “Accidentally” Pregnant

My dear girl: Yesterday after we talked I was devastated. Forgive me, but the pain and anger won me over. Where was I? Could it be I never listened to what you told me? So many reprimands, so much guilt for not taking better care of you, for not being more clear and honest with […]


Green Sex: What is it? (And Why We All Should Care!)

Healthier and more holistic approaches to lifestyle and diet abound. Diet fads come and go, certainly, but a steadily increasing demand for ‘organic’ products is evidence that as a consumer base we’re looking for healthier and less processed food and lifestyle to go along with it. Added to this are an increase in a natural […]

married saints

These 10 Married Saints Teach Us How Marriage Can Lead To Holiness

Did you know there are several married Saints? As our society likes to frequently remind us, marriage is no easy task. To live out the vocation of marriage requires a great deal of self-sacrifice and self-discipline. In the Sacrament of Marriage, both the husband and the wife make a promise before God to remain committed to […]


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