Does God Make People Gay? A Priest Responds

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Does God make people gay? Due to some comments allegedly made by Pope Francis, this question is on many people’s minds. Is our sexual attraction determined even before birth by our Creator or is it something we choose as a result of life’s circumstances?

Many theologians and religious leaders are responding. There may be a vast array of opinions on this matter,  but what does the Catholic Church think?

Fr. Bochanski of Courage shares his perspective.

How To Respond When Someone Says ‘God made me gay’

“The Catechism of the Catholic Church makes three points about homosexuality: i) homosexual persons are created and loved by God and should be fully respected in their human dignity, ii) a same-sex orientation or attraction is “disordered” and therefore cannot be a positive good desired by God, and iii) homosexual acts, like all sexual acts outside of marriage, are sinful.” – Father Raymond J. de Souza

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