If Every Catholic Did This This Year, We Would Change The World

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Looking for a  New Year’s Resolution that could change the world? This idea is simple, effective, and is guaranteed to save souls. 

The tradition, known as a Living Rosary, began in France during the 1700s, but it was St. John Paul II that made this devotion more widely known. As a young man, he was very active as a leader in his own Living Rosary group. With this great Saint as our example, let us commit to forming a living Rosary group with family, friends, or members of our parishes.

How To Pray A Living Rosary

1) Create a list of 20 people you know who would be willing to pray just 1 decade of the Rosary each day.

2) Ask each person to submit a prayer intention or decide on one intention to pray for as a group.

3) Assign each person a Mystery of the Rosary to pray daily. If necessary, assign intentions for people to pray for as well.

4) Find a way (email, a Facebook group) to provide occasional encouragement and reminders to pray.

5) Repeat EVERY YEAR.

Think It’s Too Difficult To Get In 1 Decade? Watch This Young Family Pray The Rosary!

“If you wish to convert anyone to the fullness of the knowledge of Our Lord and of His Mystical Body, then teach him the Rosary. One of two things will happen. Either he will stop saying the Rosary or he will get the gift of faith.” ~ Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen


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