“Holding The Human Heart” | What Can Science Teach Us About Love?

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After 17 years of education and training, Dr. Kathy E. Magliato is a “heart” expert. In this video produced by Soul Pancake, she shares a beautiful testimony of her life as a heart surgeon.

A Deeper Look

How many times have we as a people, as a society, as a family, allowed the rising waves of information, of knowledge, and the technical jargon that comes with it, to distract us from the fundamental question of life: the question of love. Some believe detachment and a neutral silence regarding.

Some believe detachment and a neutral silence regarding “nonscientific” objects such as love, beauty, dignity, are necessary measures so as to be objective and professional. But is it really so? Have we as a culture swallowed a lie? How many of us believe that to do our work, to be “professionals”, we need to raise that shield, to harden our hearts, to vest ourselves with that full metal jacket that Dr. Kathy speaks of? What if the opposite was true?

Take a moment to reflect on your life and the lives of those around you, perhaps your colleagues at work or members of your family. Have you taken your heart out of what you do? Have you sacrificed true human contact and encounters for the sake of a cold efficiency or to protect yourself from those that might harm you or the pain that you might endure?

Now, I admit that I have little experience in the professional world. From friend and family, I know it to be a challenging, competitive, and many times inhuman place, poorly suited for any talk of heart or love. But how will it ever change if we are unwilling to live that change first in our lives?

Let us be honest with ourselves! To silence the heart is to silence reality itself! For reality speaks to us of love in so many ways! Remember the Broken Heart Syndrome that Dr. Kathy speaks of? How many other ways do we discover scientific truths that reveal something greater, something mysterious that transcends the confines of our positivistic views? If we look and live in the world with our hearts on mute, we must accept the consequence:  we have indeed muted reality as well and have voluntary confined ourselves to a cold and heartless existence.

Thinking like an Apostle

The beauty of this video is the connection that is made between Dr. Kathy’s scientific research and experience and the subject of love. For many working professionals it is difficult to speak about the heart, and much less to speak from their heart. Finding examples and stories that testify to breaking down this barrier, is an excellent aid in helping them to advance in their process of conversion.

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