“The salvation of the whole world began with the Hail Mary. Hence, the salvation of each person is also attached to this prayer.” – St Louis de Montfort

In this greeting by Angel Gabriel, the world changed. God invited humanity to receive Jesus. That’s why it is so important to know what we are staying and why we dare to take up these words!

Check out this video on the Hail Mary as we break down line by line where the words come from and what they mean! The questions below can be used for personal reflection or in a small group.

The Hail Mary Explained Line By Line

Discussion Questions

  1. What stood out to you in the video?
  2. Had you ever heard of the Queen Mother before in history? How does this explanation help us understand why bringing our petitions to Mary makes even more sense?
  3. Do you see Jesus’s name within the prayer in a new light? How can you make him the center of your life, the climax?
  4. Do you see Mary’s Immaculate Conception as essential to allowing Christ to be within her womb? How does this apply to our need to be in a state of grace before receiving the Eucharist?
  5. The word grace means free gift. Does Mary’s Immaculate Conception (born without original sin) make it impossible for her to sin (think about Eve)?
  6. To be in a state of grace is truly a gift from God. How does this change your view of Confession? Do you see it as a gift, a place to receive love, mercy, and healing? Why or why not? 

Resources On The Rosary

Check out our favorite books on these topics and Rosaries: https://kit.co/totheheightsministry/rosaries

Videos On The Rosary

History of the Rosary–And the 2 Other Biggest Questions on the Rosary

How to Pray the Rosary with Your Kids—Top 7 Tips for Praying a Family Rosary

Watch: The Hail Mary Broken Down Line by Line & Where in Scripture is the Hail Mary Prayer 

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