FoundNation is here to prove that there is a place for hip-hop music in the Church, and they are ready to show Catholic music fans that hip-hop can be holy.

The mission of FoundNation is to, “Create inspirational music, based on Faith, Hope, and Love. We hope to use the media to make a positive impact through our faith-filled tracks and our Catholic-Christian worldview,” and that’s exactly what they are doing.

Each one of these hip-hop artists that have come together to form FoundNation  has an inspiring story about the call to create authentic Catholic hip-hop. Their unique sound will appeal to many and has the potential to be a useful tool in evangelization.

“God will find us in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, work, vices, struggles, distractions yet call us back to Him. Don’t wonder much longer. Answer the call.” – FoundNation

Gain more insight as you listen carefully to the lyrics of these songs from “The Opening Act” which is FoundNation’s newest release.

I Wonder


The songs and videos by FoundNation are sponsored by El Padrecito Ministries. You can visit the website for booking information:  More music is also available on iTunes!

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